About Us

About The GW Hatchet

The GW Hatchet is an editorially and financially independent student newspaper serving The George Washington University community in downtown Washington, D.C. First published Oct. 5, 1904, it is the second-oldest continuously published newspaper in the District, after The Washington Post. The Hatchet publishes once each week during the academic year on Mondays. In 2018, the Associated Collegiate Press named The Hatchet one of the best online college newspapers in the nation. The award, called the Newspaper Pacemaker, is one of the highest marks in college journalism, which recognizes solid overall coverage, high-quality writing, in-depth reporting, strong columns, top-notch design and compelling visuals. The newspaper is produced by Hatchet Publications, Inc., an independent, 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. It is headquartered in a townhouse at 609 21st St. NW in the heart of Foggy Bottom. To contact The Hatchet, please see our contact page.


How to join The Hatchet

Learn more about joining The Hatchet. You can also e-mail us at join@gwhatchet.com, or stop by the townhouse. Many Hatchet staff members start out with little experience. If journalism is something you’re interested in, we’ve got a spot for you. Whether it’s writing, reporting, photography, graphic design, Web development or multimedia, we have a place for you.

Where to find the paper

Aside from keeping up to date at gwhatchet.com, you can find The Hatchet at nearly 80 locations across the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses. The paper is available in most residence halls and campus buildings. A mobile version is also available on the App Store.

Publishing Policy, Copyright Notice and Photo Reprints

The Hatchet is produced by Hatchet Publications, Inc., an independent, nonprofit corporation. All inquiries, comments and complaints should be addressed to the Board of Directors, which has sole authority over the content of this publication. Comments and other correspondence can be mailed to: The GW Hatchet Attn: Board of Directors 609 21st St. NW. Washington, D.C. 20037 Opinions expressed in signed columns and cartoons are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Hatchet. The Hatchet’s editorials represent the opinions of the newspaper’s Editorial Board. All content of The Hatchet is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written authorization from the editor in chief. We extend readers the right to link to our stories and to provide the headline and the first paragraph of the story on their websites. Photo reprints may be made available for commercial use or to professional news organizations for a fee and the written permission from the editor. Interested publications should contact photosales@gwhatchet.com. Photo reprints for personal use may be purchased at www.hatchetphotos.com.

Board of Directors

Hatchet Publications, Inc. is overseen by a board of directors. The directors include the editor in chief, two other staff members, one GW student unaffiliated with The Hatchet, a journalism professor and professionals in the fields of law, business and journalism. The editor in chief serves as president of the corporation. The Hatchet’s business manager, who is the corporation’s treasurer, and general counsel serve ex officio on the Board of Directors. Current board members include:

  • Sarah Roach, The Hatchet’s editor in chief, president
  • Parth Kotak, The Hatchet’s senior news editor, secretary
  • Tyler Loveless, The Hatchet’s business manager, treasurer
  • Michael Zuckerman, The Hatchet’s academic adviser
  • Steve Roberts
  • Dani Grace, The Hatchet’s senior news editor
  • Brandon Lee
  • Gwyn Wheeler
  • Gabriel Muller
  • Aaron Myers
  • Heather Rothman

Corrections Policy

The Hatchet never publishes information it knows to be false. However, in the event of an error, The Hatchet will correct the article, editorial or column on The Hatchet’s website. The Hatchet welcomes comments or complaints about errors that warrant correction or clarification. The Hatchet will not remove, hide, alter or edit content from the online archive unless there is a proven substantial inaccuracy that would require a published correction. It is at the editor’s discretion to clarify or otherwise amend the published article in the archive. All stories found to be reported fairly, accurately and truthfully shall remain as part of the historical record.


The Hatchet is happy to consider for publication both op-ed pieces (guest contributions to the opinions page) and letters to the editor (responses to pieces of content from any section published by The Hatchet). Pieces can be submitted at this form. Any questions can be emailed to the opinions editors at opinions@gwhatchet.com. To be eligible for publication, all submissions must include the author’s name, email address and phone number. If the author is a student, submissions should also include the person’s title (if writing on behalf of an organization), major and year in school. For letters to the editor, authors must state the specific piece of content to which they are responding and provide either the URL or the date and page on which it was published in the print edition of the paper. The Hatchet does not guarantee publication under any circumstances and reserves the right to edit all submissions for space, grammar and clarity. All material becomes the property of The Hatchet and may be reproduced only with the written consent of the editor in chief and the originator of the material.

Advertising and Classifieds

To learn more about advertising, please visit The Hatchet’s online media kit.

Dates of Publication

The Hatchet publishes a print edition once a week during the academic year on Mondays, a newsletter each Thursday, and online daily.

Print and Online Archives

The Hatchet’s volumes of print archives are maintained by Gelman Library, located at 2130 H St. NW. The Hatchet’s online archive currently dates back to Oct. 23, 1997, and includes digitized versions of some print editions and front pages.

Independence from the University

While The Hatchet is staffed by GW students, it is completely financially and editorially independent. Editorial decisions are made solely by The Hatchet’s staff and Board of Directors. The paper receives no money directly from the University except revenue generated from any advertisements sold to the University.

Awards and History

In 2018, the Associated Collegiate Press named The Hatchet one of the 10 best four-year, non-daily college newspapers in the nation. The award, called the Newspaper Pacemaker, is one of the highest marks in college journalism, which recognizes solid overall coverage, high-quality writing, in-depth reporting, strong columns, top-notch design and compelling visuals. The Hatchet also won the ACP Newspaper Pacemaker award in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2013. It earned the Online Pacemaker award in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2018 and was named a finalist in 2012.

Alumni Association

Did you previously work for The Hatchet? Keep in touch with us and your favorite collegiate co-workers through The Hatchet’s Alumni Association. Follow us on Twitter and join our email list by sending a note to alumni@gwhatchet.com to be notified about future events.