The GW Hatchet

An independent student newspaper of Hatchet Publications, Inc., serving the George Washington University community since 1904.

609 21st St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20052

(202) 854-0925

Last updated: Dec. 5, 2022

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Editor in Chief
Jarrod Wardwell
Jarrod’s weekly office hours are on Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m. at 609 21st St. NW.

Managing Editor
Jaden DiMauro

Managing Director
Abby Kennedy

Community Relations Director
Abrigail Williams


Senior News Editor
Nick Pasion

Senior News Editor
Zach Blackburn

Assistant News Editor – Academics
Caitlin Kitson

Assistant News Editor – Administration
Ianne Salvosa

Assistant News Editor – Health and Research
Sophia Goedert

Assistant News Editor – Metro
Grace Chinowsky

Assistant News Editor – Student Government
Erika Filter

Assistant News Editor – Student Life
Faith Wardwell

Contributing News Editor – Student Life
Nikki Ghaemi

Contributing News Editor – Administration and Academics
Eóighan Noonan

Events Editor
Tara Suter


Opinions Editor
Ethan Benn

Contributing Opinions Editor
Julia Koscelnik


Senior Photo Editor
Auden Yurman

Assistant Photo Editor – News
Rachel Schwartz

Assistant Photo Editor – Culture
Lily Speredelozzi

Assistant Photo Editor – Sports
Jordyn Bailer

Assistant Photo Editor – Features
Danielle Towers


Sports Editor
Nuria Diaz

Contributing Sports Editor
Gabe Lopez


Culture Editor
Clara Duhon

Contributing Culture Editor
Nora Fitzgerald

Entertainment Editor
Julia Koscelnik


Video Editor
Amanda Plocharski

Video Editor
Thais Kolganov


Copy Chief
Cristina Stassis

Senior Copy Editor
Shea Carlberg

Assistant Copy Editor
Salmoncain Smith-Shomade

Research Assistant
Annie O’Brien

Research Assistant
Diana Crompton

Research Assistant
Luke Wienecke

Research Assistant
Zac Bestwick


Podcast Host – News
Sejal Govindarao

Podcast Host – Culture
Sarah Sachs


Design Editor
Grace Miller

Design Editor
Isabella MacKinnon

Contributing Design Editor
Maura Kelly-Yuoh

Graphics Editor
Nicholas Anastacio


Web Developer
Ishani Chettri


Contributing Social Media Director
Ethan Valliath

Contributing Social Media Director
Max Gaffin

BUSINESS – | Media Kit

Business Manager
Eddie Herzig

Sales Representative
Zac Omar