The GW Hatchet

An independent student newspaper of Hatchet Publications, Inc., serving the George Washington University community since 1904.

609 21st St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20052

(202) 854-0925

Last updated: Jan. 23, 2023

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Editor in Chief
Jarrod Wardwell
Jarrod’s weekly office hours are on Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m. at 609 21st St. NW.

Managing Editor
Jaden DiMauro

Managing Director
Abby Kennedy

Community Relations Director
Abrigail Williams


Senior News Editor
Nick Pasion

Senior News Editor
Zach Blackburn

Assistant News Editor – Academics
Caitlin Kitson

Assistant News Editor – Administration
Ianne Salvosa

Assistant News Editor – Health and Research
Sophia Goedert

Assistant News Editor – Metro
Grace Chinowsky

Assistant News Editor – Student Government
Erika Filter

Assistant News Editor – Student Life
Faith Wardwell

Contributing News Editor – Student Life
Nikki Ghaemi

Contributing News Editor – Administration and Academics
Eóighan Noonan

Events Editor
Tara Suter


Opinions Editor
Ethan Benn

Contributing Opinions Editor
Julia Koscelnik


Senior Photo Editor
Auden Yurman

Assistant Photo Editor – News
Rachel Schwartz

Assistant Photo Editor – Culture
Lily Speredelozzi

Assistant Photo Editor – Sports
Jordyn Bailer

Assistant Photo Editor – Features
Danielle Towers


Sports Editor
Nuria Diaz


Culture Editor
Clara Duhon

Contributing Culture Editor
Nora Fitzgerald

Contributing Culture Editor — Entertainment
Julia Koscelnik


Video Editor
Amanda Plocharski


Copy Chief
Cristina Stassis

Senior Copy Editor
Shea Carlberg

Assistant Copy Editor
Salmoncain Smith-Shomade

Research Assistant
Annie O’Brien

Research Assistant
Luke Wienecke

Research Assistant
Zac Bestwick


Podcast Host – News
Sejal Govindarao

Podcast Host – Culture
Sarah Sachs


Design Editor
Grace Miller

Design Editor
Isabella MacKinnon

Contributing Design Editor
Maura Kelly-Yuoh

Graphics Editor
Nicholas Anastacio


Web Developer
Ishani Chettri


Contributing Social Media Director
Ethan Valliath

Contributing Social Media Director
Max Gaffin

BUSINESS – | Media Kit

Business Manager
Eddie Herzig

Sales Representative
Zac Omar