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An independent student newspaper of Hatchet Publications, Inc., serving the George Washington University community since 1904.

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Last updated: Oct. 14, 2019

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Editor in Chief
Sarah Roach


Senior News Editor
Parth Kotak

Senior News Editor
Dani Grace

Assistant News Editor – Health and Sciences
Shannon Mallard

Assistant News Editor – Administration
Zach Schonfeld

Assistant News Editor – Metro
Lia DeGroot

Assistant News Editor – Academics
Jared Gans

Contributing News Editor – Student Life
Lizzie Mintz

Blog Editor
Ilena Peng


Opinions Editor
Kiran Hoeffner-Shah

Contributing Opinions Editor
Hannah Thacker


Assistant Photo Editor – News
Alexander Welling

Assistant Photo Editor – Culture
Sarah Urtz

Assistant Photo Editor – Sports
Arielle Bader

Assistant Photo Editor
Jack Fonseca


Sports Editor
Emily Maise

Contributing Sports Editor
Belle Long


Culture Editor
Sidney Lee

Contributing Culture Editor
Molly Kaiser


Video Editor
Danny Schapiro

Assistant Video Editor
Heidi Estrada

Contributing Video Editor
Dante Schulz


Copy Editor
Kelly Hooper

Assistant Copy Editor
Natalie Prieb

Research Assistant
Ciara Regan

Research Assistant
Alec Rich

Research Assistant
Amy Liu

Research Assistant
Katherine Abughazaleh

Research Assistant
Ed Prestera


Podcast Host & Digital Manager
Meredith Roaten


Design Editor
Olivia Dupree

Contributing Design Editor
Olivia Columbus

Graphics Editor
Alyssa Ilaria


Social Media Director
Annie Dobler

Contributing Social Media Director
Kate McCarthy

Web Developer
Jack Liu

Contributing Web Developer
Aaron Kovacs


Managing Director
Leah Potter

BUSINESS – | Media Kit

Business Manager
Andrew Shlosh

Accounting Manager
Tyler Loveless