Top spots to replace a Foggy Bottom dining hall

Media Credit: Dan Rich | Photo Editor

Students shop for groceries and hot meals at Whole Foods Market on I and 22nd streets.

This year’s freshman class will be the first group to experience life without a dining hall on the Foggy Bottom campus.

This spring, officials announced that when a new company, Restaurant Associates, takes over as the dining partner this summer, J Street, the dining venue in the Marvin Center, will be scaled down, and freshmen will no longer be required to spend any meal money on campus.

While the new plan will give students the opportunity to spend their meal plan at any of the more than 150 GWorld partner restaurants in the GW vicinity, figuring out where to spend that money can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some of the go-to places on campus to replace J Street.

Whole Foods Market
2201 I St NW

The upscale grocery store dramatically changed the dining landscape near campus when it opened in 2011. Whole Foods offers a full level of groceries to stock up on supplies, if you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen in your dorm room.

It also boasts a cafe full of foods that you’d find in any dining hall. There are vendors where you can order customizable quesadillas, burgers, pizza, sushi and, the most recent addition, ramen noodles.

Whole Foods also offers a hot bar with favorites like macaroni and cheese and chicken wings, as well as healthier options.

As it’s pricey reputation suggests, groceries come at a cost, so it’s probably best not to spend too much of your GWorld funds here.

800 22nd St NW

Growing up, your parents probably told you to eat your vegetables, but healthy and affordable meals can be hard to come by in college. There’s no shortage of leafy greens at Beefsteak, though. The restaurant, which opened last year next to the Science and Engineering Hall, is the brainchild of celebrity chef Jose Andres.

It brings veggies to the growing fast-casual restaurant trend. Patrons can select an assortment of vegetables, which are then boiled and can be combined with a grain, sauce and protein, like mozzarella cheese or avocado.

Foggy Bottom Grocery
2140 F St NW

Commonly referred to as “FoBoGro,” this neighborhood spot offers all your freshman year essentials. It’s split up into a small grocery store and a downstairs deli. In the grocery store, you can find a variety of snacks, drinks, diary items, frozen meals, wine and beer. The deli offers sandwiches ranging from a $4 grilled cheese to the $8.69 Big Fat Pauley, with turkey, cheese, buffalo-ranch sauce and topped off with Doritos.

Burger Tap & Shake, 2200 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Let’s face it, almost everyone wants a spot on campus for a good burger. To replace your favorite dining hall grilled foods, head over to Burger Tap & Shake. They offer signature burgers for $8, including the Big Daddy, topped with bacon, blue cheese, and BTS’ special AP sauce. In addition to beef, BTS also serves pork, chicken, turkey, veggie and salmon patties.

Then, there are the shakes. BTS offers eleven different milkshake flavors, including the namesake BTS shake, featuring Butterfinger, Twix and Snickers bars pieces.

Foggy Bottom Farmer’s Market
I Street near the Foggy Bottom Metro station

Every Wednesday from April through November, I Street near the Foggy Bottom Metro station is transformed into an open-air farmer’s market featuring fresh fruits and vegetables, along with meats, homemade cheese, breads and desserts.

The market isn’t well-known around campus, but it is a great place to stock up on fresh food at prices often lower than Whole Foods’.

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