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What We’re Watching: ‘Citizenfour’

There’s a moment in “Citizenfour,” a documentary that follows journalist Laura Poitras as she works with Edward Snowden to leak information about the National Security Agency surveillance program, that encapsulates the paranoia and darkness at the film’s heart.

What We’re Watching: ‘The Book of Life’

With hard-hitting themes and cultural vibrance, “The Book of Life” joins the ranks of the growing body of animated movies that have abandoned cliche and antiquated sentiments of what it means to be a princess, petitioning for representation of a wider spread of cultures in film.

What We’re Watching: ‘Wetlands’

“Wetlands” follows the exploits of sex-obsessed teenager Helen Memel (Carla Juri), who spends her time experimenting with various sexual escapades while scheming to reunite her separated parents.