South By Today We Will See The Hold Steady

Friday, March 20th ——Japan Night @ Elysium—— Parenthetical Girls 12 @ Habana Calle 6 The Mae Shi 12:30 @ Emo’s Outside Health 1 @ Habana Calle 6 Titus Andronicus 1:30 @ Habana Calle 6 Oh No! Oh My! 1:45 @ Creekside Lounge Mirah 1:50 pm @ Domy Books The Death Set, Mika Miko, Finally Punk, […]

South By Apparently This Thing Starts At Like Noon

Back from the AM shows. I’m not totally sure the best way to cover this thing so I’m throw in briefs of everything I have so far and try to do the same on my twitter and on here through my phone. After Ani got “death metal tacos” we spent about an hour in line […]

Rachel Ray throws indie party @ SXSW, apparently loves the Hold Steady

Televison’s own nasal-voiced chef-ette Rachel Ray recently announced the guest list for her food party, held at Austin-based music festival SXSW. Performers include the Airborne Toxic Event, the Hold Steady, the Thermals, Ra Ra Riot and the New York Dolls, among others. Ray told Pitchfork: “Some of the bands are new to me, like the […]

Goodbye SouthBy(SouthWest)

After almost a week of waking up to throbbing ears and worse, throbbing headaches, it’s time for some hardcore hibernation.But first, a final list: Things I Learned.1) Count on lines. There’s a rough equivalency of people in line to quality… of anything. Bands, food, even taxi cabs (too few when you want them)… that is […]

Lyrics Born Interview

Watch my interview and SXSW showcase footage with Bay Area hip-hop artist Lyrics Born, and look out for the accompanying print coverage coming to The Scene in our special SXSW issue on March 27. Click To Play

The Homosexuals, The Bloody Beetroots, Hello Seahorse!

After Okkervil River, we headed to see The Raveonettes. The line at the venue was enormous, at least 100 people waiting. Luckily there was a sort of back door entrance. Unluckily only one of us made it. So while Brendan got through, I tried “plan b”: running to see random bands with totally awesome names. […]


Among the hordes of hipsters, bands, and industry elites, there were quite a few spectacles. Favorites: 3) It’s-your-birthday-chick: Some girl dressed as a slutty Catholic schoolgirl chased me, asking over and over and over, “Is it your birthday? Is it your birthday?” I told her “No,” but wished her luck. Finally she left, but not […]