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In Defense Of Hipsters: The IHEARTCOMIX Showcase

I’ve decided that I am sick of it. When I told my friends that I went to, and enjoyed, the IHEARTCOMIX (The LA label growing synonymous with electronic/dance/pop punk music for “hipsters”) Showcase at South By Southwest I had to endure unrepentant assaults on my character. However, for every “move to Brooklyn” and “does Pitchfork […]

Doseone Interview

Doseone is one of the founders of anticon. Records, a label that specializes in music that falls somewhere between hyper confessional poetry and avant hip-hop. Over the past ten years he has produced paintings, spoken word albums, board games, electronic music, and rap under a variety of names. At South By Southwest he played a […]

South By It Is Going To Be So Weird Not Hearing Music Everywhere

It’s over. We have South By fatigue and too much Sparks in our stomachs. Real wrap-up and full articles coming soon. Curveland – Sounded like Coheed & Cambria from the outside of the venue AND they were playing a Sparks party. As far as I am concerned this makes them awesome. Gentlemen Jesse And His […]

South By What Happened in 23 Words or Less

(What happened in 23 words or less) The Mae-Shi -These dudes are burnt out. Members are just leaving the stage mid-set. This, however, remains rock and roll. The Thermals – They’re good. The Hold Steady – The following collection of letters is to count as one word: OHMYGODTHEYARESOGOODANDFUNANDTHEYHAVEWAILINGGUITARSOLOSANDCRAIGFINNTREATSHISGUITARLIKEANACCESSORYANDINSTEADCHOOSETODRAMATICALLYACTOUTHISSONGS. FliP – I would absolutely write them […]

South By Today We Will See The Hold Steady

Friday, March 20th ——Japan Night @ Elysium—— Parenthetical Girls 12 @ Habana Calle 6 The Mae Shi 12:30 @ Emo’s Outside Health 1 @ Habana Calle 6 Titus Andronicus 1:30 @ Habana Calle 6 Oh No! Oh My! 1:45 @ Creekside Lounge Mirah 1:50 pm @ Domy Books The Death Set, Mika Miko, Finally Punk, […]

Overheard on Thursday

We tell Hatchet photographer José to meet us on 17th street for Parenthetical Girls: The bouncer at B.D. Riley’s doesn’t care for The Geeks: Our cab driver loves music, but not military music:

South By Apocalypse-ville, with beer!

We have returned and I have figured out the correct way to write about South By Southwest, but first there are some things we need to discuss. 1. AT&T’s coverage in Austin is abysmal. I literally cannot get service anywhere. 2. Austin looks like the apocalypse, in a good way. There are just people roaming […]

South By I May Be Getting Too Old For This

Thursday, March 19 11 AM – The Bloggers are Now in Charge 12:30 – A&R 3.0 –Starcleaner showcase– @ Habana Bar —Quackmedia day part— @ red 7 Caspian (12:50am) Women (1 pm) @ 2406 Guadalupe Howe Gelb (2 pm) @ Jovitas Handsome Furs (2:15pm) @ Levi’s/Fader Fort X Parenthetical Girls (2:30pm) @ Scholz Garten The […]

The next four bands!

Following the shows below we attempted to go to the Anticon Records showcase, where we would have seen Yoni Wolf and Themselves… again… but to no avail! After waiting in line for about 20 minutes, we found out that our wristbands actually allowed us to go in a different, secret sort of special not-really-a-line-at-all-just-go-right-in sort […]