Departing Editors 2014

Sarah Ferris: Emboldened by traditions

This job swallows you. Your phone, your inbox, your sleep schedule. You put in everything you have, beating back the gravity of deadlines and the seemingly impossible expectations of your brilliant editors.

Cory Weinberg: This place I’m leaving behind

After four years that got me addicted to coffee, front-page designs, anecdotal ledes and that silly feeling I would always get in the townhouse after midnight, it feels unfair to have to say goodbye.

Gabe Salkin: Here’s to the crazy ones

Had you asked me freshman, sophomore or even junior year that one day I’d be writing this farewell piece in The Hatchet after leading the web team for an entire year, I’d laugh. I come from journalism, and I am not a formally trained web developer. But life, in so many ways, has the amazing capacity to surprise you.

Jacob Garber: My Home on G Street

The Hatchet became my first “thing” in college. It was the first organization I truly felt that I was a part of, where I felt welcome, where people took me under their wings.

Nick Rice: Redesigning my college experience

Have you ever gotten on a roller coaster halfway through the second loop? Me neither, because that’s an absurd proposition. But, that’s pretty much what it was like joining The Hatchet midway through my junior year.