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How to GW: Quick tips to answer freshman FAQs

…land an internship In the nation’s capital, there are hundreds of government agencies, think tanks, nonprofits and companies that hire interns or employees during the school year. These positions will not just fall into your lap, but most are not very difficult to find. Use the GW Career Center’s GWork database, where you can upload […]

Physics major turns to tech at Wired magazine

Chris Anderson was at the perfect vantage point to witness the unfolding force of the Internet in 2001. Being editor in chief of Wired magazine taught him the Web would not be a short-lived fad, and Anderson said it was then that he figured out it was a sound move to drop physics at the […]

Finding a future in Facebook

Correction appended After working for two failed presidential bids, Adam Conner was done with campaigning and ready to break into the business world. But politics followed Conner, and just months later, he introduced the District to Facebook. Starting up the social media network’s outreach efforts in the capital after graduating in 2007, Conner worked largely […]

GW Fact or Fiction

With almost 200 years of history, there’s plenty to learn about GW. But sometimes it’s tough to tell if a piece of GW lore is true or false. To help sort out which bits of information to ditch and which to share, here’s a guide of GW fact or fiction. fiction “Playboy named Thurston Hall […]

A more modest Colonial Inauguration

It has been five years since the University retired the laser light show that ran up a $75,000 bill for Colonial Inauguration, and cost consciousness is now integrated into the programs’ planning process. Media Credit: Hatchet File Photo Incoming freshmen will not experience the laser show as students did five years ago, when the University […]

Piecing Together: The D.C. Food Scene

You will notice D.C. cuisine trends after just a few weeks on campus – food trucks lining H Street, a cupcake fad and more frozen yogurt shops than you can count. And when parents or high school friends start to visit campus, you will learn the tradition of taking them out for mid-morning, mimosa-soaked brunches. […]

Piecing Together: Off-campus GWorld spending

Snap 1062 Thomas Jefferson St. NW Snap serves up sweet and savory crepes at its small Georgetown café, along with bubble teas and paninis. They also deliver. Cafe Tu-O-Tu 2816 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Meet up with friends after an afternoon of shopping for light sandwiches, wraps and salads at this charming café. Georgetown Scoops 2818 […]

Piecing Together: Your GWorld budget

From top to bottom, The Hatchet is here to help you balance your GWorld spending. You will likely use up the majority of your GWorld money on items at the bottom of the pyramid, while the top shows once-in-a-while indulgences. D.C. Fun Spas For a manicure, pedicure or waxing on GWorld, try Eurospa at 2029 […]

Piecing Together: How to extend academics beyond the classroom

GW students might have a tendency to shun academics for a prized internship or a leadership slot in a student organization. It is almost inevitable at a school that boasts a downtown D.C. location, touted as a beacon for hands-on learning outside the classroom. But the University poured resources into expanding academic offerings. For students […]