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Looking for a place to pick up The Hatchet?

We deliver to nearly 80 locations on or near our Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon Campuses. The map below will help you find the most convenient location to find your copy of The GW Hatchet.

Red Point Marker Red markers indicate primary drop points, which are delivered by our printing company. In these locations, you should be able to find the newspaper by 8 AM on publication days, pending any unforeseen delays.

Blue Point Marker Blue markers indicate secondary drop points, which are delivered by our student staff on foot. In these areas, our goal is to have them stocked with papers by 11 A.M., but sometimes staffing shortages, classes, finals and other problems can cause delays.

Green Point Marker Green markers indicate outdoor news boxes. These are the best locations if you do not have access to campus buildings.

Is there somewhere you’d like to see papers in the future? We try to have newspapers in all campus buildings and are happy to work with our local business partners. We encourage our on-campus departments to seek out the Hatchet in their main lobbies if available or contact the Hatchet to set up a drop location that several offices can share. If there is somewhere you’d like them, just let us know by emailing

(Due to a stipulation in our independence contract with the University, we cannot distribute inside the GW Hospital. We do, however, deliver newspapers to the lobby of Ross Hall.)

Foggy Bottom Campus

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Mount Vernon Campus

On the Mount Vernon Campus, The Hatchet is available in the mail room as well as the entrance to Ames Dining Hall.

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Paid Subscriptions

The GW Hatchet also offers paid subscriptions for those living outside of the campus area. An annual subscription is $125.