February 9, 2015

Volume 111, Issue 26

Stories from the February 9, 2015 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Sarah Blugis: Take back your sex life

We can decide how much we participate in hookup culture, if at all. We can decide who we want to fall in love with, if anyone. And we can decide how much sex we want to have, if any.

Elinoam Abramov: GW should form a student union

The power of student political action would increase dramatically if we were to work together, advocating based on a democratically reached consensus. At GW, it could come in the form of a student union.

Morning-after brunch quiz

Everybody knows that the age-old debate “sex vs. food” is impossible to resolve. But when the ultimate combo situation crops up, the morning-after munch, a whole new set of questions must be answered.

Tunes for getting it on, or getting them out

If you’re trying to get intimate, the right playlist can set the mood and break tension. But if you want the guy or gal you brought home to hightail it out of your space, a mix of less-than-sexy beats can help show them the door.

In the Buff: Losing it in South Hall

Some girls dream of the magical day when they will lose their virginity to the love of their life. To say that my first experience with sex – in none other than GW’s finest, South Hall – was a magical experience would be a bit of a stretch.