October 4, 2012

Volume 109, Issue 16

Stories from the October 4, 2012 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Freshman carves name as rising star

If you’re standing on the sidelines of a women’s soccer game, you’ll probably find your eyes drawn to freshman forward Kristi Abbate. Abbate is a natural playmaker. She dribbles around defenders, sets up her teammates for scoring opportunities and finds the time to score the occasional goal of her own. She’s the linchpin to the […]

What’s the Deal With: The Free Mandela plaque in Kogan Plaza?

When walking through Kogan Plaza, you may notice a cement plaque among the planted greenery and brick paths. It reads, somewhat illegibly, “Free Mandela.” Officially known as the Nelson Mandela Historic Sidewalk Slab, the block of cement is “a tribute to our students’ passion for justice,” Assistant Vice President for District of Columbia Relations and […]

Previous strategic plan refocused academics

University officials say they are able to aim high in this year’s strategic plan because of the smaller, more fundamental changes the last one achieved. The 2002 strategic plan led to the paring down of Ph.D. programs, the creation of the University Writing Program and the start of GW’s aspirations to become a major research […]

Srividya Murthy: Romney must address higher education

From writing off 47 percent of Americans whom he calls “victims,” to having seemingly no clue why windows don’t open on airplanes, Mitt Romney is remaining the aloof and out-of-touch caricature that the left has accused him of being all along.