March 7, 2011

Volume 107, Issue 48

Stories from the March 7, 2011 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Acting without sight

Forbidden Planet Productions decided to recreate more than just the real world setting in this weekend’s “Butterflies are Free” – the theater org decided to recreate what it’s like in the world for the blind. Under the direction of Elizabeth Hay, Forbidden Planet Productions opened Leonard Gershe’s “Butterflies Are Free” this weekend, a story about […]

SA Guide: Jason Kaplan

Age: 20 Year: Junior Major: Poli Comm Hometown: New York City Embarrassing freshman year moment: I went to see David Plouffe speak and my cell phone went off to the sound of Stewie from “Family Guy” yelling, “Mom! Mom! Mommy!” Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: I really think he should do […]

SA guide: Ted Costigan

Age: 21 Year: Junior Major: Political communication Hometown: Reading, Mass. Embarrassing freshman year moment: The Red Sox losing game seven to the Devil Rays in the American League Championship Series. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Under Pressure” by Queen Platform: reduce printing costs; increase Gelman Library’s operational budget; make it known […]

Career Center targets CCAS majors for job preparedness

To aid graduating seniors in liberal arts programs prepare for the workforce, the Career Center will provide weekly targeted resources to students in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences leading up to graduation. The Career Center regularly offers job-search support for seniors during the spring semester, but beginning this year, students in CCAS will […]

SA guide: Zahin Hasan

Age: 20 Year: Junior Major: Biomedical engineering Hometown: Elkridge, Md. Embarrassing freshman year moment: I lived in Hensley and the first weekend of school we busted out the Nintendo 64 and were playing Mario when a senior called UPD on us. Next song President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada Platform: […]

SA Guide: John Richardson

Age: 20 Year: Sophomore Major: Business economics and public policy Hometown: Portland, Maine Embarrassing freshman year moment: I face planted in a Funger lecture halls on my way to the front of the room. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Bootylicious” by Destiny’s Child Platform: on-campus job recruiting; create an office of […]

D.C. avoids government shutdown

The federal government escaped a seemingly imminent shutdown last week with the passage of a 2-week budget measure that enables the government to keep operating through March 18. The Republican-led House passed a 2-week extension of the resolution with $4 billion in cuts to the budget Feb. 28. The Senate adopted the measure March 2, […]

SA Guide: Josh Benjamin

Age: 20 Year: Junior Major: Political science Hometown: Woodbridge, Conn. Embarrassing freshman year moment: Getting EMeRGed at the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5 Platform: transparency; sending SA senators to student org meetings; making the SA more representative of the […]

SA Guide: Phil Gardner

Age: 19 Year: Sophomore Major: Political science and history Hometown: Tacoma, Wash. Embarrassing freshman year moment: We once locked one of my roommates in a Thurston closet by putting two dressers in front of the doors and then left for 7-Eleven. We came back to two UPD officers screaming at us about false imprisonment. Next […]

Sex Column: The truth about faking it

Faking it is the ultimate deception, the naked lie, the pinnacle of bedroom theatrics. The suspicion has a habit of lingering in the afterglow. For women, it’s their little secret. For men, the proof is in the pudding. A study, conducted at the University of Kansas last year, on the practice of faking orgasms produced […]