October 21, 2010

Volume 107, Issue 20

Stories from the October 21, 2010 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.


Thursday Tent City Students will sleep outside during Amnesty International’s overnight demonstration against homelessness. Speakers and activities will present homelessness as a human rights issue. Kogan Plaza  10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Friday New Media Development in the Former Soviet Union Journalists and development practitioners working in the former Soviet Union will discuss the […]

Annu Subramanian: Honest, not honorary, equality

If our school is really concerned about improving the multicultural atmosphere on campus then it is not doing enough, and the efforts it does take are not directed toward the real source of the issue. And then we wonder why finding harmony in diversity on this campus remains so elusive. This is largely because the […]

Justin Guiffré: What does the SEC mean for GW?

I have an experiment for you. Ask some of your friends what they think about the Science and Engineering Complex, the estimated $275 million behemoth expansion project that was approved by the Board of Trustees last Friday. I guarantee you will find two distinct philosophies on the subject. Some students will live and die by […]

Andrew Clark: Why college students lost faith in Obama

A little under two weeks from Election Day, several things seem to be becoming fairly obvious. The majority of the American people have decided that President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ expensive big-government policies are egregious. The economy is not recovering. But let’s zero in on something that might carry a bit more salience for […]

General calls for reinstatement of draft

Four-star retired general Wesley Clark said Tuesday he supports a reinstitution of the draft. Speaking at the Elliott School of International Affairs, the one-time Democratic candidate for president said “selfish” Americans rely on the poor to serve in the Armed Forces and the draft would create an equal playing field. “I would personally like to […]

University adds $2 million to financial aid pool

The University added $2 million to the undergraduate financial aid pool and is reevaluating its communication strategy between students and financial aid counselors, after 400 undergraduate students saw hefty decreases in their aid packages this year. A majority of the students who saw a drop in aid were selected by the Department of Education for […]

Political strategists predict Republican gains in midterm elections

The Nov. 2 midterm elections will be critical for the country’s direction, two top political players said Tuesday. Former Hillary Clinton campaign strategist Mark Penn and President George W. Bush adviser Karen Hughes predicted the Republican Party would see gains in the House of Representatives and the governorships at an event in the Jack Morton […]

Conservative: Obama not African American

President Barack Obama is not truly an African American, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza charged Tuesday night in the Marvin Center. Speaking to the Young America’s Foundation, D’Souza said Obama has never sat at a segregated lunch counter and being African American is not based on the color of your skin but on a person’s heritage. […]

Advisory Neighborhood Commission members appeal nightclub’s liquor license

Foggy Bottom-area residents are protesting a K Street club’s right to serve liquor, saying noisy club-goers are lowering residential property values and affecting the quality of life in the area. All six members of the Foggy Bottom and West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission objected last week to the Shadow Room’s request to renew its liquor […]