August 30, 2010

Volume 107, Issue 5

Stories from the August 30, 2010 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Student Association has $1 million to allocate to student organizations

Correction appended For the first time in University history, the Student Association has more than $1 million to dole out to student organizations and fund University-wide events, a number that will greatly increase the amount of programming the SA can fund, the chair of the SA Finance Committee said last week. The exact figure won’t […]

University charges vendors for mandatory GWorld upgrades

The new GWorld 2.0 card system will require all off-campus vendors to pay for upgraded card readers, the University confirmed this week, a move that GWorld vendors called a frustrating but an unavoidable necessity. Ed Schonfeld, senior associate vice president for administration, said the new GWorld card reader systems are not compatible with the old […]

University raises record amount

The University raised a record-breaking $94 million last fiscal year, a senior administrator said last week. Despite missing the University’s $131 million fundraising goal, Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations Michael Morsberger said the $93.82 million is a record amount for the University, showing a slow but nevertheless upward trend in philanthropic contributions. Morsberger […]

Fewer freshmen lost in summer melt

Only 100 students in the Class of 2014 who made deposits to the University have pulled out of enrolling for the fall semester, a senior administrator in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions said last week. Every year, the University expects a percentage of incoming freshmen not to attend the University for various personal or financial […]

Senior launches textbook fund for African school children

For GW senior Emily Adams, the value of a textbook extends far beyond its sticker price. After spending a month teaching in a primary school in Kenya and seeing firsthand the dire need for textbooks and other learning materials in African classrooms, Adams and a close friend from home, Emily Stuhr, decided to pitch in […]

OMG! Text-talk takeover is NBD

It was a linguistic nightmare. Associate English professor Margaret Soltan was reading a student’s in-class assignment and nestled innocuously between arguments and analysis was a ‘lol.’ But despite the student laughing out loud, there’s (probs) no need to panic (:o) over the inclusion of texting language in a paper or two. The acronyms, emoticons and […]

Parking structure to become Marriott hotel

The Colonial Parking structure sandwiched between Old Main and the 1959 E St. building is slated to become a Marriott hotel next spring, the developer said last week. Allstate Hotel LLC and Marriott International Inc. plan to convert the six-story parking deck into a hotel with more than 150 guest suites, Mike Tyler, the spokesperson […]

Slice of Life: Pride, prejudice and 4-RIDE

He knew me by my first name. To him, I wasn’t “Ali the Intern,” or the slighted high school version of myself, “Little Peters,” or even my friends’ personal favorite, “Alitude.” I was Miss Peters, and he was my therapist, carpool mom and tour guide all in one. Superman should have given up while he […]

SMPA adds three media fellows

Correction appended In an effort to give students a firsthand perspective on the fall national campaign cycle, the School of Media and Public Affairs announced last week that three big-name media players will act as fellows for the upcoming academic year. Joe Lockhart, a former press secretary under former President Bill Clinton, Ed Henry, CNN’s […]