April 6, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 52

Stories from the April 6, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Donald Parsons: S&E Complex will benefit the highest bidders

When the humble and the wealthy of Cologne contributed to their magnificent cathedral, there was little controversy over what activities would be conducted within – souls would be saved according to the guidelines of the Church. Such is not the case with GW’s cathedral (“Cologne Cathedral on 23rd Street?” Feb. 2, p. 4), otherwise known […]

Alex Shoucair: Snuff out the smoking ban

Spiraling tuition costs. Plummeting endowment value. Student Association turmoil. Deteriorating library. Heinous dining services. Secondhand smoke. Which one of these is not like the other? If you guessed secondhand smoke, you’d be right. Nevertheless, a small but vocal contingent of students has launched a campaign to fight the campuswide epidemic of secondhand smoke because apparently […]

A family affair

Working and studying at GW is not the only thing shared by sophomore Brian Barbera’s family. They also share kidneys. A few months ago, Barbera discovered his kidneys were failing and that a transplant would be necessary. He has Alport Syndrome, a genetic disorder that leads to kidney failure in early adulthood. His older brother, […]

Tom Braslavsky: Protesting Fred Phelps

Having grown up in Kansas, my home is only about an hour’s drive from homophobic and anti-American pastor Fred Phelps’ Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church, which last Monday picketed the White House and several other targets in the D.C. area. The White House protest was a demonstration against America – an “evil” and “rebellious” land, according […]

Letter to the Editor: How to abolish the SA

How to abolish the SA Two months ago we wrote to the editor advocating the abolishment of the SA, and we are pleased that GW students are taking up the cause at www.abolishthesa.com. We write to express our support to the Web site organizers and offer them advice. Abolishing the SA requires a three-pronged approach. […]

Sigma Alpha Mu hopes to return

Sigma Alpha Mu, an unrecognized fraternity that was kicked off campus 15 years ago, is on a quest rejoin the official GW Greek-letter community. Better known as “Sammy,” the fraternity was booted out in 1994 due to a risk management and alcohol violation. A group of 25 freshmen restarted the fraternity in 2002 – but […]

Swinging into the circus

Alumna Shana Kennedy used to ride a unicycle around campus as a freshman majoring in international affairs. And after graduating in 1998, she dropped politics and swung into the world of circus arts. Now Kennedy runs a circus performing arts school in Philadelphia, which she founded last year. She teaches trapeze and high-wire acts as […]

Law, film experts to address grads

A former U.S. solicitor general, an Academy Award winner and the U.S. ambassador to NATO will be among the keynote speakers at graduation ceremonies for individual schools this spring. Most of the schools and colleges will have an outside or high-profile speaker address the graduating class – with the exception of the Columbian College of […]

What’s it like to be… An Aerobics Instructor

Most people see only novelty in 1980s aerobics videos. But in high school, senior Melinda Pearl saw an opportunity. Pearl, who now hosts a televised workout show on GWTV, first encountered the videos when a high school cross-country coach cancelled practice because of the weather and instead had her and the team exercise to the […]

Six offices ransacked in Law School break-in

Metropolitan Police Department officers are searching for a male suspect who broke into Building E of the Law School Tuesday and stole several items and cash from locked offices, according to police reports. Facilities personnel called the University Police Department shortly after 12 a.m. Wednesday to report the burglary in the building on 20th Street […]