March 12, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 48

Stories from the March 12, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Alexander F.C. Webster: Justice silenced

More than 40 days have elapsed since the desecration of Christian crosses on campus by person(s) unknown came to light. The office of the University President acknowledged the incident in a news release on Jan. 29. However, the official “Statement from The George Washington University Regarding the Defacing of Several Small Crosses” was a rather […]

Staff Editorial: Election dysfunction

Have you ever been to a Joint Elections Committee hearing? Consider yourself fortunate. The JEC is the organization charged with making sure the Student Association election runs fairly and smoothly – but when this does not happen, all hell breaks loose. Let us paint a picture for you. Two dozen overly invested students crammed into […]

Letters to the Editor

Biased reporting on Armenia I read “Professor questions ethnic conflict” (Feb. 26, p.1) with interest and was somewhat disturbed by the biased reporting. Professor Turkkaya Ataov was presented to unsuspecting readers in a negative light with quotes like: “. who is internationally recognized for his vehement denials that the 1915 massacre of Armenians was a […]

Lucas Hagerty: Increase club sport support

College is stressful, we’ve all figured that out by now. Most of us know that basketball, squash and racquetball at the Health and Wellness Center or tennis, ultimate Frisbee and soccer on the Mount Vernon Campus can be life savers when you need to let out some frustration or just delay that hour of studying […]

CCAS faculty to vote on fewer GCRs

Faculty members in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences will soon vote on a proposal that could significantly reduce the school’s course requirements, administrators said this week. New measures being proposed could decrease the school’s number of required classes, offer new courses and restructure existing ones. Faculty members in CCAS are expected to vote […]

Lamar Thorpe: Race dialogue is critical

I agree with Mr. Alex Shoucair (“Race dialogue unnecessary,” Mar. 9, p. 4) that in recent years we have had a campus “racial controversy” that has been exploited to stir problems rather than create solutions. However, and I’m not one to agree with The Hatchet often, but on “Bridging the Gap” (Feb. 26, p. 1), […]

Student Association senate postpones election

The Student Association senate voted Tuesday to postpone the SA presidential runoff election until after spring break to give the election’s oversight body time to review a series of campaign violations on Wednesday night. The election between SA Sen. Julie Bindelglass, CCAS-U, and SA Executive Vice President Kyle Boyer was previously scheduled to take place […]

Frank Broomell: Jealous of Jersey

Web Extra Ok, I get it. People at GW do not like New Jersey. They say it is dirty, that it smells or both. I would not want to go swimming in Atlantic City either. And yes, in the north the turnpike does go right by an oil refinery, but contrary to popular belief that […]

Obama, Holder to speak at ceremony in Lisner Friday

President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder will speak on Friday at Holder’s Installation Ceremony in Lisner Auditorium on campus, a Department of Justice news release said Wednesday afternoon.