March 2, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 45

Stories from the March 2, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Letters to the Editor

“Generation Biased” Andrew Clark’s recent article, “Generation Bailout” (Feb 26, p. 5), was as tone deaf as the Bobby Jindal response from last Tuesday and the CPAC event “Bailing Out Big Business: Are We All Socialists Now?” Clark’s opposition to the bailouts does not acknowledge, much less offer solutions to, the collapse of the largest […]

Campus Calendar

Monday Student Association Town Hall Meeting Voice your concerns about GW to top administrators, including University President Steven Knapp, at a town hall meeting sponsored by the Student Association. 5:30 p.m. Jack Morton Auditorium Tuesday Ambassadors Forum: A Discussion with the Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan will engage in a discussion with students and staff, sponsored […]

Punk scene to mainstream

The average GW senior has never been referred to as the “Liza Minnelli of punk rock,” nor have they owned a punk rock café or run an independent movie store. But Jason Mojica is not your average senior. In 1982, before most undergraduates were born, Mojica was seven years old and buying his first album […]

Donald Parsons: A better way to spend $10 million

The Board of Trustees recently approved spending $10 million of the University’s money to do preliminary planning on the Cologne Cathedral (“Cologne Cathedral on 23rd St.?” Feb. 2, p. 4), otherwise known as the Science and Engineering Complex (SEC). If nothing else, the University should finally learn whether the price tag on the new building […]

What’s it like to be… A Freshman Maid

They come into freshman rooms once a week, clean and leave without much notice. Freshman maids can be the most taken for granted part of student life, but what it was like to be one? Lila Johnson has been working as a maid at GW for 28 years and believes she has seen almost everything. […]

A haven for non-believers

Unlike most religious student organizations, one budding group called Skeptics is steadfast in its belief in non-believing. The two-year-old organization provides a venue for atheist and agnostic GW students to connect with one another on campus. For non-believers, the student organization is what church is for Christians: an avenue for like-minded people to discuss their […]

Joshua Hock: The right decision

Conservative GW students seem to have been rather quiet about the recent dismissal of gay freshman Todd Belok from the school’s NROTC program. I suspect that it is because they are afraid of the accusations of bigotry that would inevitably follow any defense of NROTC’s actions or the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that it […]

Sex Column: Figuring out the female orgasm

There are things about sex that are simple. Kissing, oral and penetration are all pretty basic. Sure, they all require some amount of skill but they are things that, with enough practice, anyone can do well. But there are a couple things that do not happen for everyone, and forcing the issue just makes worse. […]

Man on the Street: Class Picks

Questions: 1. One word to describe my TA is. 2. One class I would take if I didn’t have to fulfill requirements? 3. 8 a.m. or 6 p.m. class? Interviewees & Responses: Claude Matons (Freshman) 1. Is she English? 2. Weight lifting 3. 6 p.m., definitely Matthew Kaurim (Senior) 1. Nonexistent 2. Tourism marketing 3. […]