February 9, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 39

Stories from the February 9, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Sex Column: Gravedigger’s remorse

Not all relationships in college are pretty. More likely than not, they lead to heartache, depression or half-friendships. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people fall in love, meet their spouses and end up happily ever after. But that’s not all of us. Most of us date, kiss and date again. Some of us […]

Staff Editorial: George Washington State University

For those of you that were looking forward to bragging about your men’s basketball team being on a 12-game losing streak, you’re out of luck. Saturday afternoon, the team won its first game since Dec. 23. This victory also happened to coincide with an enthusiastic student turnout, even given the team’s lackluster record. The secret? […]

GW Expat: Monkeying around in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea On Saturday, I spent a night in one of the handful of bars in Seoul that are designed for foreigners and proud of it. The bar is called Monkey Beach. From the first time I laid eyes on the sign, I knew I would find few better examples of an expat bar. […]

Niketa Brar: Time out for GW sports and dorms

I’ve seen the future of university life – and it ain’t pretty. Brandeis University announced last week that it would begin selling off its $350 million art collection that includes original works by Andy Warhol. Meanwhile, Southern New Hampshire University is ditching the traditional collegiate experience for underclassmen, eliminating dorms and offering students a bare […]

Joe Laliberte: I’ll drink to that

I love high-quality beer. Not more than a few, but just enough. With it, you are able to raise your nose, along with your glass, slightly toward the sky and project a higher knowledge of a beverage that some say predates the discovery of bread. That’s not why I love it though. It is bold […]

Hardship and hobos: A look back at the Great Depression

I don’t know about you, but this whole economic crisis is starting to hit home. Did you hear? Starbucks is slashing 7,000 jobs and shuttering a bunch of its stores. Let’s hope and pray the Gelman and E Street branches aren’t on the chopping block. That’d be a real crisis. But while the economic situation […]

Lyndsey Wajert: A stimulus cut we can’t afford

For the past few months, GW students have not been exempt from feeling the burden of the worsening nationwide economic crisis. Had Congress passed President Obama’s originally proposed stimulus package, part of that weight might have been lifted from the shoulders of both the University and its students. Recently, the stimulus package passed in the […]

Hatchet Checkup: Loud Music

Freshman Julianne Barto knows that if she listens to her iPod too loud, she won’t be listening for long. “My room, and even my hallway, they’re always pretty noisy,” Barto said. “I used to listen to my iPod to drown it out. Now I go to the library when I have to study.” When a […]

Andrew Clark: Way past last call

The farce that is President Obama’s wasteful economic stimulus bill still (even after the compromise) has dozens of provisions that need to be seriously reconsidered. However, cutting out much of the billions of dollars in new education funding from the bill was a good place to start and I say we should cut out even […]