February 2, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 37

Stories from the February 2, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Vern Express shuttle to utilize Twitter for service advisories

The Vern Express is now on Twitter, an information service that can send updates directly to cell phones, to keep students updated on everything from service schedules to traffic delays. Twitter will allow staff to post messages, which are then sent via text to students. Elan Schnitzer, marketing coordinator for event and special services, said […]

Joshua Hock: “University Writing” off students as unprepared

Time is of economic consequence; though normally understood, this fact has gone ignored by some of GW’s loftier officials. Specifically, the blunder is evident in misguided policies requiring all students to take a course in an ambiguously titled “University Writing Program.” Students, usually in their freshman year, earn four credit hours for their conscripted participation […]

Bill Flanigen: Impeaching Aswani would do no good

Web Extra I come to bury Vishal Aswani, not to praise him. If he is remembered only as the affable if ineffective Student Association President who served out his term in quiet irrelevance, I would prefer that to the two months of harried, dramatic confusion bound to follow any attempt to remove him. Josh Akman […]

Bailout funds may benefit GW students

The economic stimulus bill passed by the House of Representatives last week will create a tax credit for families with students in college and increase funds for Federal Work Study programs and Pell Grants. The $819 billion package will allocate a total of $159 billion toward education, ranging from kindergarten to the university level, over […]

LLC students live green in Building JJ

Web Extra While many Colonials have heeded calls to recycle more and use less electricity, one group of students has everyone beat. Revolution Green, the Living and Learning Cohort that occupies Building JJ on F Street, held an open house Friday to show their efforts at reducing energy usage and their plans for the future […]

Donald Parsons: Cologne Cathedral on 23rd Street?

Like many European commercial centers, Cologne began building a cathedral of extraordinary ambition in the Middle Ages, only to see it remain unfinished for centuries. A work crane hovered over the incomplete south tower and the city for four centuries. GW is proposing a similar “business model” for its monolithic science and engineering building, with […]

Local liquor stores seek exemptions to single-sale beer ban

Some local liquor stores may still be allowed to sell single bottles of beer and malt liquor if they get a waiver to circumvent a ban on single sales that will take effect in fewer than 10 days. Representatives from Riverside Liquors, The Wine Specialist and the West End Market, three local liquor sellers, lobbied […]

Eshawn Rawlley: Repairing our patchwork quilt

In a statement released last Thursday, the College Democrats expressed how “tremendously upset” they were that “the organization’s trust was violated” by the member of their executive board who perpetrated an act of bigotry in their office. Not only was the trust of the executive board violated, but so was the trust of our community […]

Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

The Hatchet’s monthly wrap-up of GW’s ups and downs: Thumbs Up: Twombly follows up on prior promise by resigning On Friday, Greta Twombly, chief of staff to Student Association President Vishal Aswani, resigned from her post. At the end of last semester, Aswani’s cabinet threatened to resign if he did not “shape up.” It is […]