January 29, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 36

Stories from the January 29, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

University delays scheduled Web site revisions

The first stage of revisions to the University’s Web site, slated for release this month, has been delayed until later this spring, a senior administrator said Wednesday. Robert Chernak, senior vice president of Student and Academic Support Services, attributed the delay to both technical and content-related issues. Chernak said the Web design team, which includes […]

Melanie Hoffman: Rooms for the rich

My parents always told me that money cannot buy happiness and that money cannot solve all your problems. But apparently, my parents didn’t know that at GW, this is untrue. At GW, a hefty sum of money can get you first dibs on the best campus housing. This past week the Residence Hall Association announced […]

SA confirms two cabinet members and two new senators

The Student Association confirmed two new cabinet members and voted on replacements for two vacant senate seats Tuesday night at its monthly senate meeting. Junior Kevin Homiak was confirmed as vice president of public affairs and freshman Dylan Pyne was named to the Socially Responsible Initiatives Commission. Homiak and Pyne were nominated by SA President […]

Evan Schwartz: Ask not what RateMyProfessors can do for you

Several weeks have passed in the semester, and students are beginning to find out exactly why their professors garnered all those frowning faces next to their names on RateMyProfessors.com. The site, while undoubtedly useful, can be very hit or miss. RateMyProfessors has inspired thousands of students to avoid taking that one particular biology class, but […]

Staff Editorial: Full speed ahead?

When the Titanic departed England, it was determined to arrive in New York City early. Despite warnings about icebergs, the ship was ordered to proceed “full speed ahead.” Well, we all know how that story ends. The current economic crisis has universities throughout the country donning their life vests – or at least checking their […]

Go to hell with Generic

Hell is other people. This startling revelation is the central theme in “No Exit,” the existentialist play by French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, to be performed by Generic Theater Company this weekend. The play details the experience of three people who arrive in hell – who shed conventional notions of torture when they discover their punishment […]

Two memorials honor Treanor

Hatchet VideoThe Memorial Service Students, faculty and staff gathered on two occasions this week to remember sophomore Laura Treanor, who died in her Ivory Tower room on Friday. Laura Treanor, 1989-2009 Friends remember Treanor at memorial service, Catholic Mass Cause of student’s death remains a mystery Treanor was a positive and outgoing person Laura Treanor: […]

Midsummer this winter

Tom Garron wanted performers in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to live as their character. For freshman Brenna Markle, who plays the nymph Tatiana in the production, this meant being one with nature. Garron will direct the show with the 14th Grade Players this weekend in what is anticipated to be the largest student theater production […]

$5 – $10 – $20: An entertainment guide for the cash-strapped college student

If you have $5:Avoid financial strife through dance! Head to the Black Cat this Friday, Jan. 30 for Sorted, a night of Britpop and soul. If you have $10:Music! Irony! Near-nudity! Join the ladies and gents of The Wassabasco Burlesque Review this Saturday, Jan. 31 at Palace of Wonders, at 1210 H St, NE. Tickets […]