January 22, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 34

Stories from the January 22, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff Editorial: What were the odds of a successful inauguration?

Much like the Y2K scare of nearly a decade ago, despite the hype of Inauguration 2009, we have survived mostly unscathed. For GW, the inauguration boiled down to security, the parade float and the GW Inaugural Ball – success on two out of three of these isn’t that bad. Given that the GW administration had […]

Mraz, Folds to perform at Smith Center

Musicians Jason Mraz and Ben Folds will perform at the Smith Center on Feb. 13, Program Board and WRGW announced Wednesday. Tiffany Meehan, PB executive chair, said tickets will go on sale at Ticketmaster on Jan. 26 and will cost $33 each. “We have been wanting to have a concert since I’ve been a freshman,” […]

Andrew Clark: A conservative’s take

Amid the two million people crowded on the National Mall to watch President Barack Obama’s inaugural address, I promise that there was at least one Republican there. I’ll spare you the melodramatics and I won’t launch into some somber soliloquy of reflection and history. It truly was an incredible moment for me, though not because […]

Celebs rock MTV’s Youth Ball

One would be hard pressed to find more appealing entertainment for Democrats under the age of 35 than Barack Obama and Kanye West. At the Youth Ball held at the Washington Hilton Tuesday night, both the new president and the rap star made appearances before an adoring crowd. “It’s a pretty tough act to beat,” […]

Patrick J. Ford: Mandatory library fee is not the solution

It has come to my attention that Student Association Executive Vice President Kyle Boyer, with the approval of several senators, is considering a major initiative to reduce the library fee from $50 to $25 dollars and to transform that fee from an opt-out donation to a mandatory fee added to each student’s tuition bill. The […]

SA’s first black president pens book

As the country celebrates the inauguration of its first black president, the first black president of GW’s Student Association, who held office in the early ’90s, is making accomplishments of his own. Kyle Farmbry, now a professor at Rutgers University, will soon publish a book titled “Administration and the Other: Exploration of Diversity and Marginalization […]

Logan Dobson: Set library fee is the way to go

Our library fee system is in definite need of a change in almost any form. The current format, an opt-out “voluntary” donation of $50, is far and away the most dishonest way that we could fund our library. And any alternative, including recently proposed $25 mandatory fee, is a good one. The opt-out system is […]

Global Language Network becomes nonprofit

Having begun as a GW student organization, the Global Language Network has now become a nationally recognized organization, with ambitions to extend its reach globally. Founded by alumnus Andrew Brown during the fall of his senior year in 2005, the Global Language Network offers free language classes in up to 55 different languages. In August, […]

Women hang on against Villanova

Millions flocked to D.C. this week, took in the revelry and left with memories to last a lifetime. Don’t count the Villanova Wildcats among them. Unable to get a hotel amid the mass migration to the capital, the team had to drive to GW the afternoon of the game. Only a few hours later, the […]