January 15, 2009

Volume 105, Issue 33

Stories from the January 15, 2009 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

A front row seat to history

Plenty of GW students are planning to battle the unprecedented inauguration crowds to take advantage of their proximity to the historic events taking place around the city. Sophomore Kimberly Davis was one of the lucky 240,000 people to win a ticket to the swearing-in ceremony in a lottery from her congressman’s office. Davis said her […]

Staff Editorial: Two points for Knapp

Just over a year ago, GW had an inauguration of its own. Although it wasn’t quite as grand as Tuesday’s ceremony promises to be, the school celebrated the inauguration of its 16th president, Dr. Steven Knapp. One year later, we are finally seeing movement from President Knapp on one of his main goals. Among other […]

Law professor threatens lawsuit over inauguration toilets

With inauguration crowds expected to exceed 1 million people and only 5,000 portable toilets on the Mall to accommodate them, a GW Law professor is threatening legal consequences for what he coined as the “potty parity.” John Banzhaf, a public interest law professor at GW, sent a legal notice to the Presidential Inaugural Committee on […]

Colonials rebound at home

For two years, redshirt sophomore Ivy Abiona sat. As a freshman, she wasn’t ready to contribute regularly, then she was forced to miss last season after tearing her ACL. So, it would be hard to blame the New Jersey native if she was frustrated after being taken out of the starting lineup for strategic reasons […]

Staff Editorial: Here come the crowds

Chances are, most students have their plans all set for the many events of Inauguration Day. Equally likely is the chance that most students haven’t thought out how they will deal with the extra masses that will be making themselves at home, in our city and on our campus. We have to remember that all […]

Matt Grifferty: Credit where credit’s due

After President-elect Barack Obama’s victory this fall, CNN political commentator Donna Brazile stated that his election was propelled by one constituency: the youth vote – the college kids who came out in numbers for Obama. Yet as the inauguration approaches, it’s becoming clear that this pivotal group will be underrepresented at the culmination of their […]

Alexander leaves Colonials

The athletics department announced Wednesday that sophomore basketball player Xavier Alexander had “voluntarily withdrawn” from the University – making him the fourth player to leave the program since last March. “I don’t think is the start of a trend, but I’ve been wrong before,” Director of Athletics Jack Kvancz said Wednesday, noting that the decision […]

Ross Griffith: The price is far from right

Last semester, I bought a new textbook for $120, but a friend who had taken the class before promised that it could be sold back for around $70. I fantasized about being handed three crisp Jeffersons and a Hamilton. But guess what? A new edition was coming out, and my $120 new book was worthless. […]

Lyndsey Wajert: What’s in a poem?

On Inauguration Day, many of us will be lining the streets to watch the parade, while others will simply be busy avoiding the influx of an estimated four million visitors. But what may not be at the top of most people’s agenda is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this inauguration: On Jan. […]