November 20, 2008

Volume 105, Issue 28

Stories from the November 20, 2008 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Diana Kugel: Penny for your thoughts, GW?

Are you worried about the economy because it may be difficult to get a loan for next year’s tuition, or because it will be harder to get a job post-graduation? Well, take that concern and magnify it by the amount the Dow Jones Industrial fell yesterday, and you’ll have an idea of the weight sitting […]

Navigating your way to a federal internship

Given GW’s proximity to the White House, the State Department and other federal agencies, it is almost impossible for students to ignore the vast field of internship opportunities available in the government. But getting the right government internship requires research. Anne Scammon, director of career and learning experience at the GW Career Center, said students […]

Student designs White House site

Timothy Kim knew he wanted to work with computers from the moment he got his hands on one in the fourth grade. What the graduate student in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences did not expect was that he would develop software for the White House before finishing graduate school. As an intern in […]

Evan Schwartz: Let’s not be trigger-happy

Hope and change may be at an all-time high in America right now, but so is something else – gun sales. In the lead-up to this month’s presidential election, a jarring statistic caught my eye. October 2008 saw a 49 percent increase in gun license sales over October 2007. People have the fundamental right to […]

Personal account: The bad, on the Hill

After working for a human rights advocacy organization last summer, I thought it would be a great idea to intern in a senator’s office for the fall semester. I had heard from numerous people that such internships involve a lot of busy work like licking envelopes all day or photocopying for hours, but I doubted […]

Landing the job: Some other things to watch out for

Letters of recommendation: Similar to college applications, many internships and jobs will ask for at least one letter of recommendation. For those new to the process, this might be the most challenging part of the application. Here are some things to remember. Select people……who know you well. It’s difficult for someone who has only met […]

Letters to the Editor

Sex column irresponsible at best I am writing in response to The Hatchet’s continually disappointing and usually appalling sex column, most recently “enriched” by an article about anal sex (“Overcoming a sexual taboo,” Nov. 17, p. B1). It’s amazing to me that as a generation that was born amidst the AIDS epidemic and the explosion […]

Personal account: The good, at CNN

School was the furthest thing from my mind as I enjoyed the last days of summer lounging by the pool and goofing around with friends back home in Boulder, Colo. Then, two weeks before returning to GW for my sophomore year, I received an e-mail from my media history professor informing students about an internship […]

Students prepare for Relay for Life

Relay for Life, a 12-hour overnight walk to raise money for cancer research, will commence its second year at GW this April, but the Program Board staff is already hard at work preparing the event and hosting kickoff parties. About 100 students gathered in the Marvin Center Tuesday to kick off the event, urging students […]