November 17, 2008

Volume 105, Issue 27

Stories from the November 17, 2008 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Peter Konwerski: Service learning gives back

As an adjunct professor with a passion for exploring the interplay between service and social justice, I have been fortunate to work each fall with an entire class of GW students looking to extend their education through service-learning experiences. The pedagogy of service-learning has empowered my students to not only explore social issues in Washington, […]

Breaking the racial barriers of dating

Room 209 in the Multicultural Student Services Center is almost completely colorless, but a discussion on Tuesday night illuminated it as people recalled their diverse experiences with interracial dating. Most of the about 20 people at the event said despite living in such a diverse city, they could only escape the influence and judgment of […]

Niketa Brar: The way through the glass ceiling

My post-election high is wearing off. As is common with the onset of sobriety, the reality that’s left is a lot less exciting than what I had imagined in my head. And it’s making me cranky. With all the talk of achieving equality and breaking glass ceilings lately, someone seems to have forgotten the arena […]

Lucas Hagerty: Give GW a football team

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will be getting a football team in 2013, 62 years after the school was founded. GW has a similar undergraduate enrollment and a much larger endowment than UNC-Charlotte, so the announcement got me thinking: Why not us? We once had […]

Letters to the Editor

Eisner column a waste of space When I sat down to write this letter, I intended to respond to Alex Eisner’s breathtaking column from Thursday’s Hatchet (“Just wait for buyer’s remorse,” p. 4) with a reasoned, point-by-point criticism of his argument. After about 10 minutes of attempting to do so and re-reading his column – […]

Sex Column: Overcoming a sexual taboo

Let’s talk about anal sex. It’s the topic of vast amounts of pop culture humor, and until 2003, it was illegal in 14 states. I feel like no one ever wants to seriously talk about it, but it’s something that enough people have thought about that it warrants a conversation. That being said, how should […]

Alumna, professor reportedly on Obama short list

Two members of the GW community are reportedly on short lists for top positions in President-elect Barack Obama’s new administration. The Chicago Tribune reported that alumna Tammy Duckworth may become the Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Bloomberg News reported that professor Susan Wood is a contender for the commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. […]

Andrew Clark: I voted ‘yes’ on Prop 8

I’m coming out of the closet: As a Californian, I voted yes on Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage. Not because of religious reasons and not because the Bible tells me to – rather, for entirely secular reasons. I don’t think gay marriage is something that California or the United States needs to pursue. First […]

GW campaigners reflect on election

For the students who took a semester off to work on political campaigns, the days of long hours, cold pizza and reams of voter contact sheets are over. Junior Peter Weiss, who joked that he subsisted for several months on “Cheetos and water” while he worked as a deputy field organizer for the Barack Obama […]

Staff Editorial: Concerns about UPD? Be involved in the process.

Ever since the University announced it was taking a serious look at arming the University Police Department, the floodgates were thrown open for complaints and criticisms of the department and the idea of giving its officers firearms. This page has already written an exhaustive analysis of the arming UPD situation as it currently stands, but […]