October 9, 2008

Volume 105, Issue 16

Stories from the October 9, 2008 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Staff Editorial: The SA’s questionable ethics

Correction appended Tuesday’s Student Association meeting demonstrated, in a nutshell, why students become so frustrated with the SA. Not only did the senate hand out allocations money in a questionable fashion, it also failed to pass Sen. Logan Dobson’s (CCAS-U) transparency bill that would have allowed students to see how the allocations money is used. […]

Evan Schwartz: Freedom to drink 40s

America is a land built on freedoms: freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom to get drunk on anything we desire. America is a land of choices: between beer or vodka, peppermint schnapps or airplane bottles of tequila, rubbing alcohol or paint varnish. On Wednesday, the D.C. City Council passed Councilman Jack Evans’ […]

Chris Merino: The age of irresponsibility

The pillars of indulgent corporate capitalism have collapsed, and the working class has been pinned by the rubble. The fiscal crisis has been slowly developing for nearly a decade and has quickly unraveled within the past month, culminating with the failure of Washington Mutual and the drastic drop of the Dow Jones industrial average. The […]

Letters to the Editor

Time to clear the smoky air If GW police will now respond to complaints of drinking and other inappropriate behavior far from the campus, and violators will face University disciplinary action (“Admins address local noise,” Sept. 25, p. 1), why is it GW still refuses to seriously consider a petition from hundreds of students requesting […]

University lowers room rental fees

The University is lowering classroom rental rates for events involving non-GW participants, officials said this week. A policy created in 2007 charged student organizations up to $425 per day for each rented classroom if their event contained guests unaffiliated with the University. New rental costs will range from $50 for one room to $250 for […]

New gossip Web site draws concern

The juice is loose on GW’s campus and not everyone is thrilled about it. The controversial gossip Web site JuicyCampus.com, which launched a GW page last month, encourages students to post anonymously about people and groups on campus. Student leaders and administrators across the country have condemned the site for promoting slanderous and damaging discussions […]

Council bans single sales

The D.C. City Council approved a measure Tuesday to ban sales of single containers of beer and liquor in two city wards, including Foggy Bottom. The bill will prohibit the sale of individual containers of malt liquor and beer that are 70 ounces or less. The legislation also prohibits the sale of liquor in containers […]

Andrew Clark: Rumor has it…

If you haven’t heard by now, JuicyCampus.com is the latest explosive gossip craze to hit The George Washington University. The news of the Web site has spread like wildfire, and it now has a whopping 16 pages worth of blog threads about GW students, with countless replies posted under each one. Discussions, if you can […]

Seniors can personalize gift

This year’s Senior Class Gift Committee wants to transform the way GW seniors give back to the University. The Class of 2009 will be given the option to donate their portion of the class gift to whichever part of the University that has been the most significant to them, said senior David Anderson, this year’s […]