April 28, 2008

Volume 104, Issue 59

Stories from the April 28, 2008 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Weekly checkup: Public Bathrooms

Public bathrooms run the gamut of cleanliness, but the prevailing philosophy for their visitors seems to be the same: keep contact to a minimum. Some of GW’s bathrooms now have a variety of touchless appliances to help students and staff avoid germs, including automated toilets, sinks, paper towel and soap dispensers. These bathroom accessories are […]

University plans major overhaul of CI

Friday, May 2, 4:07 p.m. The University plans to dramatically change Colonial Inauguration in the coming years, beginning this summer with the elimination of a costly laser light show and several other luxuries, a top administrator said Thursday. The freshman orientation program will have fewer “bells and whistles” for the incoming freshman class and the […]

Staying Hip

Some say that age slows a person down, but Myrtle Church couldn’t disagree more. “Age is nothing but a number,” she said at Saturday’s fiesta-themed Senior Prom, hosted by the Neighbors Project. The prom, held in the Marvin Center Grand Ballroom, is an annual event hosted by GW for low-income seniors. Church proudly donned her […]

New dining options announced

Friday, May 2, 4:07 p.m. University officials announced Thursday that there will be several changes to J Street dining next fall. The updates to the Marvin Center venue will include kosher options, weekly Sunday night dinners, additional salad bar options and more gluten-free and vegan food choices, said Nancy Haaga, managing director of campus support […]

University lacks formal mental health policy

Earlier this month the nation observed the one-year anniversary of Virginia Tech, a tragedy perpetrated by a mentally ill college student now considered the most deadly shooting in American history. In September 2007, a Delaware State University student shot two of his classmates, injuring one and killing the other. Six Northern Illinois University students died […]

David Ceasar: Splicing commas and growing up

We often do sexy things at The Hatchet. Photographers shoot girls mud wrestling and buildings burning. Reporters run up to police tape and nearly get arrested at riots. Features editors even put together an entire issue devoted to sex in the spring. Commas, on the other hand, are not sexy. But I must have seen […]

Court orders University to release names of downloaders

Friday, May 2, 4:07 p.m. A federal court ordered the University Monday to release the names of 19 anonymous students who are being sued by the recording industry for illegal music downloading. The Recording Industry Associates of America subpoenaed GW this October for the names of several students – identified by their IP addresses – […]

Greek Brief: Pi Kappa Alpha raises thousands for firefighter foundation

Food, games, dancing and skits marked fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha’s fourth annual Fireman’s Challenge competition this week between sororities, aptly named for its philanthropic goals to raise money for the D.C. Firefighter’s Burn Foundation. The Delta Gamma sorority took home top honors at the competition and helped Pike raise more than $9,000, surpassing last year’s […]