April 7, 2008

Volume 104, Issue 53

Stories from the April 7, 2008 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

University awards scholarships

In the past 19 years, the University has offered 99 D.C. students full tuition, free housing and textbooks as part of the Trachtenberg Scholarship. On Friday, in a surprise ceremony, a few more also received these honors. Families of the scholarship’s finalists gathered in the Benjamin Banneker High School auditorium where University President Steven Knapp […]

Virgin values

Those that are abstinent from sexual activity typically avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. But many religious students, including those at GW, cite another perk: being saved. Although 56 percent of college students have had sex according to a 2003 report, religious values trump the highly sexual college atmosphere for many students of different […]

Stripping the cover

Kathleen Rooney is proof that there are plenty of jobs out of college. She is also proof that someone with a major in English and creative writing can turn nude modeling into a book. Rooney, who is also an aide in the U.S. Senate, began nude modeling for drawing and sculpture classes in 2002, her […]

Staying safe on campus

GW may be considered one of the safest places in the District, but sexual crimes can happen at any time, especially since college-aged women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. Fifteen forcible rapes have occurred on campus since 2005, according to University Police Department records. There were 20 sexual assault cases reported […]

GW Expat: Americans miss the mark

Every semester a fresh batch of Colonials heads overseas. Within no time the G-chats start to fly as those abroad report their sexcapades to their friends back home. But despite all the hype, are foreign lovers all they are cracked up to be? Is there really a difference between a romantic rendezvous with an American […]

What’s in a class name?

Jennifer Joyce Kissko saw the term “homeless chic” in People magazine a few years ago in reference to the fashionably shabby, urban garb of Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. She put the term to use when she used it to name a University Writing course about poverty, privilege and identity in American democracy. It caught […]

From the diamond to the ice

From the time when she was young, Elana Meyers dreamed of going to the Olympics. In what capacity, she wasn’t sure, but she knew she wanted to be on a national team and then compete for her country. The former GW softball standout may finally have her chance in January 2010. Meyers will compete for […]

Report: Number of minority high school graduates will rise

In the next decade, minority students will outnumber white students graduating high school, according to a recently released report on higher education. But officials at GW said this nationwide shift, identified by a Western Interstate Higher Education report, will not affect how the school recruits prospective applicants. “The changes in high school graduation population, whether […]

Softball tallies two wins

Given GW’s proximity to the epicenter of America’s government, it would only make sense that life would imitate politics. Just as Hillary Clinton ended a month-long losing streak with a comeback in the March 4 Democratic primaries, culminating with a win in Rhode Island, the GW softball team also ended its nine-game losing streak with […]

Court acquits GW student of assault

A sophomore charged with assault was acquitted in Superior Court Friday, but convicted of contempt of court for violating a court order not to meet with the alleged victim. The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Ryan Skolnick in October 2007 after a fight outside Thurston Hall. The altercation was broken up by police and he was […]