December 10, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 31

Stories from the December 10, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

BSU president accuses SA of hidden agenda

The co-president of the Black Student Union expressed his dissatisfaction with Student Association election rules on the heels of a walkout by four black SA senators last week. BSU Co-President Charles Basden sent an e-mail to student leaders early Thursday morning urging them to stand up against the Joint Elections Commission charter and keep the […]

D.C. tax office under investigation for missing millions

While most GW students were still roaming the halls of their middle schools, a corruption case with potential to be the largest in local government history was brewing in the District. The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue has been under been under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, after it discovered millions […]

Snapshot: Rock Out

Viktors Dindzans/Hatchet staff photographer The band Anarcoustic perform at a benefit show to raise awareness of sweatshop labor at Columbian Square at Marvin Center Thursday night.

SEAS seeks more funding

The School of Engineering and Applied Science needs new facilities so that it can attract more students and cover its overhead costs, according to a year-long review released last week. “One of our top priorities and major finding of the commission was that a new science and education complex would increase enrollment by attracting more […]

Staff Editorial: Enfranchise everyone: time to welcome reform

Instead of welcoming online voting, a handful of student leaders have chosen to make the debate about election reform a race issue. The black Student Association senators stormed out of last Tuesday’s meeting, claiming they weren’t getting enough time to talk. One senator called the executive vice president’s alleged actions racist and on Thursday the […]

Congressional hopeful returns to his alma mater

Not even last week’s snow could keep an intimate group of students, faculty and alumni from meeting at the School of Media and Public Affairs Wednesday night to honor Illinois congressional hopeful John Morris. “None of you can vote for me,” Morris told the attendees, “but I couldn’t run without coming back to where it […]

Diana Kugel: Holding on to the holidays

As people start wandering out of Starbucks clutching holiday-themed cups, and as Kogan Plaza gets its first dusting of snow, it is hard to believe that this is the same place where racial and ethnic tensions had been building so highly all semester. All of that seems to be fading rapidly into the past as […]

One-stop viral video shop

Move over YouTube – you’re not the only viral video site on the virtual block. GW graduate student Matt Silverman created Best Viral to be “the one place with all the hottest videos” and it has been ballooning in growth ever since it launched in October. Instead of clicking on a plethora of viral Web […]

Saumya Narechania: Attempting to avoid groupthink

Last week, Student Association Sen. Nick D’Addario wrote a piece on this very page describing the problem with SA elections – “slates and pseudo-political parties.” He then introduced legislation that aims to try and abandon the slate-driven politics that I, and the rest of the student body, have known for the past three years. I […]

Weekly Checkup: HIV/AIDS

It may not seem like an issue on campus, but HIV is an infection that has affected the D.C. area. Among D.C. residents, the rate of infection is about one in 20, said Susan Haney, director of outreach for Student Health Service. The extent to which the virus exists on campus is not monitored, so […]