December 3, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 29

Stories from the December 3, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Student organization teaches students ins and outs of civil rights

Sophomore Erin Taylor doesn’t want to end up like her friend who was pulled over by a police officer for a broken taillight and ended up being charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. As president of GW NORML, which advocates for the legalization of marijuana, Taylor wants to know her rights. On Nov. 19 […]

Law school gets $5.1 million to fund new center

The Law School is opening a new center funded by the leftover winnings of a class action lawsuit which were donated to the University this summer. A GW alumnus and attorney won a class action lawsuit against a chemical company in 2005 regarding the unfair pricing of materials sold in the United States. The case […]

You too can help Bono save the world

The woman working a fire made from animal dung, the man working for a few pennies a day and the child playing in the ghetto. These faces may be lost to diseases such as AIDS, to malnutrition, to exhaustion, to violence and, most of all, to those who chose to look away. Senior Ryan Lehr […]

Kurdish leader discusses Iraq

The deputy director of community outreach for the Kurdistan Regional Government spoke Wednesday night at the Elliott School about the prospects of an independent democratic government in Iraq’s northern region. Heyrsh Abdul told the approximately 30 people in attendance that the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan is committed to development in Iraq. “We have chosen to […]

Alums go NGO

After graduating from GW in 2005, Brazilian-born Rudy Mareno sold everything he owned and embarked on a trip to his home country. Taking whatever means necessary to get there – including bus, train, boat, horseback and hitchhiking – he faced Hurricane Katrina, crossed the U.S.-Mexican border unnoticed, lived in jungles, deserts and Indian reservations and […]

Women lose to 1-5 UNLV

When the GW women’s basketball team began the 2007-2008 season, the squad and many of its followers had high hopes of a Final Four run. Come this week, the Colonials might not even be nationally ranked. It is still only the first week in December and there are still three months of basketball to be […]

GW Expat: An un-American Thanksgiving

VIENNA, Austria “This is the first Thanksgiving we all aren’t in New Jersey.” I suppose this obvious fact had not quite hit me until my brother pointed it out. For the past two years my brother and I would drive up from D.C. to New Jersey to be with our family for Thanksgiving. Coming from […]

Team looks for floor leader

This summer, sophomore Damian Hollis received an ominous text message from his classmate and point guard Travis King. King had hurt his kneecap in a pickup game in New Haven, Conn., the message said, but there was good news: He would be back before the start of the season. Hollis and the rest of GW’s […]

Weekly Checkup: Cold Sores

As the winter months turn colder, all types of illnesses can start to appear. Cold sores, despite the reference to the outside temperature, have nothing to do with the weather. Cold sores are small, painful and infectious blisters that appear on the outer lip, which are often triggered by physical or emotional stress, said Susan […]

Getting the gifts that won’t be regifted

Get personal with your gifts this holiday season. Instead of buying your friends generic gifts that they will probably regift or return, buy gifts that fit their personality and style. This year, take this handy guide that breaks down the classic types of friends that run in your circle and pinpoints gifts that they will […]