October 1, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 13

Stories from the October 1, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Saumya Narechania: Searching for “No-Spin Zone”

Chad Johnson announced that he has 16 touchdown celebrations planned for this season. Considering he missed an opportunity to use one of them this past week, and since the Cincinnati Bengals increasingly resemble their 1990s version, he might not get a chance to use all of them. It must be fun though to think to […]

Birds in Smith Center cancel blood drive

Web UpdateMonday, Oct. 1 7:12 p.m. The University canceled a Red Cross blood drive in Smith Center early Monday afternoon due to the presence of several birds in the arena. Glynnis Hope Langley, a Red Cross nurse, said Food and Drug Administration regulations prohibit donated blood from coming into contact with livestock. “For the safety […]

Jake Sherman: Inside Our Pages

Foggy Bottom is a place of change. As the mantra states, “Something happens here.” Politicians come and go in Washington, buildings are erected on campus, professors change and theories in academia shift. The Hatchet tries to cover it all – but we are changing too and we want you to come along. As you pick […]

Letters to the Editor

How far is left? Lara Masri, a graduate student and member of the Campus Anti-War Network, recently penned a letter to the editor criticizing the GW College Democrats (Sept. 27, p. 4), who organized a turnout of 200-plus for the anti-war protest on Sept. 15, for not participating in the “true, anti-war rhetoric the demonstration […]

Staff Editorial: Standardize stance on privacy rights, watch health issues

In the wake of the Virginia Tech tragedy last spring, GW like many area schools was forced to re-examine both its campus safety and mental health procedures. Now after the reports issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech, President Stephen Knapp has wisely created a GW task force composed of two entities – […]

Liz Ramey: Homeless lost in GW F.E.E.D.

GW F.E.E.D. has received a great deal of attention lately, mostly focused on their attempts to get a substantial amount of funding. Lost in this debate, however, has been reflection on theassumption homelessness is not already being addressed. In fact, everything that GW F.E.E.D. attempts to do is already being done on campus and throughout […]

Tanya Choudhury: SA vote stifles growth

Last Tuesday, the potential progress of student life on our campus was defeated. The GW student body voted on the student fee referendum, which would have raised the student activities fee to a flat fee of $30 per semester for undergraduate students and $20 a semester for graduate students. With a mere 50-vote difference, this […]


In “Tonic protests dropped” (Sept. 27, p. 3), The Hatchet erroneously reported Tonic’s altered hours. Tonic agreed to conclude its outside service at 11 p.m. Sundaythrough Thursday and midnight Friday and Saturday.

GW Brief: GW graduates win Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Seven GW alumni were recognized as 2007 Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award winners at Marvin Center last Friday. The winners came from a variety of backgrounds and fields. “This wonderfully diverse group of alumni is representative of the significant impact GW graduates are having on our nation and around the globe,” University President Steven Knapp said, […]