September 20, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 10

Stories from the September 20, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Bar Belle: Madam’s Organ

Madam’s Organ 2461 18th St. N.W. All right GW. I need some advice. What do we think about redheads? I’ve been considering a new look for a while and after this weekend’s outing to Madam’s Organ saloon in Adams Morgan, I’m leaning towards the Lohan look. A local fixture on the 18th Street strip of […]

Staff Editorial: GW must investigate labor accusations

Allegations that Boston Properties, the developer GW has contracted to work with on Square 54, utilizes less-than-commendable employment practices should be cause for more than just casual concern. Instead of relying on secondhand, potentially biased information from outside organizations, GW should initiate its own in-depth analysis of the situation. Over the summer, representatives of the […]

Sports Calendar

Sept. 21 Women’s Soccer Buffalo 4 p.m. Mount Vernon Volleyball Fordham 7 p.m. Bronx, N.Y. Men’s Tennis Metro Tournament All Day Georgetown Women’s Tennis Maryland Invitational All Day College Park, Md. Sept. 22 Softball Georgetown 11 a.m. Mount Vernon Men’s Soccer Rider 3 p.m. Mount Vernon Softball UMBC 3 p.m. Mount Vernon Women’s Tennis Maryland […]

Green GW: Now’s the time for GW to ‘go green’

From former University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s luxury Lexus SUV to the current president’s energy conscious Prius – change at GW is evident. This new “green” outlook is a welcome addition to a University that is sadly behind the times in terms of its largely negative impact on the environment. With the addition of University […]

Staff Editorial: D.C. must not give up fight for representation

The recent proposition to allow D.C. residents a voice on the federal scene was shot down Tuesday, once more leaving more than 580,000 American citizens left without a vote in Congress. This case isn’t about fundamental rights of an American population, but unfortunately it became yet another example of partisan politics. While at this point […]

Niketa Brar: GW must boost efforts to keep professors happy here

With all the changes that GW has seen this year, two things have stayed consistent thus far: we’re still the most expensive school in the country and we still underpay our faculty. Last week, the University of California, Berkeley announced that the Hewlett Foundation would supplement Berkeley’s $2.5 billion endowment with another $113 million, to […]

Letters to the Editor

We agree: 9/11 Memorial should be free of politics. A clarification… We request that the author of “9/11 memorial should be free of politics” in Sept. 12 letters to the editor would take a moment to step off his hyperbolic pedestal and realize that Students Defending Democracy also feels that political exploitation of the victims […]

GW F.E.E.D. under fire

Hundreds of students participated in the GW F.E.E.D. kickoff at the Gelman Starbucks despite growing concerns from several of the program’s sponsors regarding the initiative’s motives. Student Association Sen. O.G. Oyiborhoro (CCAS-U), chair of the GW F.E.E.D. homelessness initiative, said the kickoff was a success, but refused to answer questions regarding the program’s funding. The […]

Pelham Hall plan passes

The D.C. Zoning Commission unanimously approved a proposed renovation of Pelham Hall Monday, marking one of the most expensive developments on the Mount Vernon Campus since it was acquired in 1999. Compared to the years spent pushing long-term Foggy Bottom plans through District government, garnering approval for the Pelham project was relatively quick and uneventful, […]

Hitler photo used in campaign

Sophomore Micah Lubens thinks that a Nazi dictator would be a poor choice to lead Fulbright Hall, and he wants you to know. Lubens is running for president of the Residential Advisory Council and is being criticized by neighbors and house scholars for pointing out the differences between himself and Adolf Hitler in his campaign […]