September 17, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 9

Stories from the September 17, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.


In “GW Anthro Students Monkey Around” (Sept. 10, p.B3), The Hatchet mispelled the title of a research fund. Lewis N. Cotlow Field Research Fund is the correct spelling. In “Taking Strides for the Troops” (Sept. 10, p.B1), The Hatchet erroneously stated the titles of GW College Republican members Peter Glessing and Chris Brooks. Glessing is […]

Collegiate engagement: GW students buck marriage trend

It didn’t take long for senior Gina Sebok to decide she was ready to get married. In fact, it only took her three dates. Now finishing up her last year at GW, Sebok does it as a married woman, following the customs of an observant Orthodox Jewish wife. Sebok met her husband, Raphael Kohn, at […]

Students aim to form club that promotes gun ownership

Friends and roommates, juniors Andrew Breza and Ken Stauff share an interest in Second Amendment rights and range shooting. After a failed attempt two years ago to start the GW Gunslingers, the pair began organizing the Colonial Militia, a group concerned with gun rights advocacy and shooting for pleasure. “We chose (the name) Colonial Militia […]

Larger-than-life Foggy Bottom barbers tell all

While balancing a heavy course load, juggling an internship and staying in touch with friends, GW students are often missing a good haircut. But taking time to tame your hair doesn’t have to be a waste of time. At old-fashioned barbershops such as the Watergate Barbershop and Puglisi’s, both located close to campus, students have […]

Many back offices move to Loudoun, Va. campus

Students may dial a D.C. phone number for help with their Colonial Cash, but chances are a Student Accounts Office representative 30 miles away at GW’s Virginia Campus is answering their calls. GW administrative offices including SAO, Information Systems and Services, Payroll Services and Student Financial Assistance are gradually moving their headquarters from the Foggy […]

Fee to replace GWorld cards debated

Katie Ross had her wallet and her GWorld card stolen this past summer. When she applied for a new social security card, her fee was waived. She thought GW might extend the same courtesy in replacing her GWorld card, but instead the GWorld card office asked her to pay a $25 fee. “I thought if […]

Weekly Checkup: Foot fungus

Communal bathrooms are prime breeding grounds for foot fungus, wart-causing viruses and other bacteria. Though this issue does not cross most GW students’ minds, for the 468 undergrads that live in Mitchell Hall or in a Strong Hall single, these bacterial infections are a reality. “Fungus grows in warm, moist areas,” said Susan Haney, associate […]

Staff Editorial: D.C. Residents deserve representation on the national scene

This week the U.S. Senate will have the opportunity to grant D.C. something it desperately needs: a vote in Congress. As evidenced by the license plates D.C., it is time for residents of this capital city to have a true form of representation on a national level. This right to representation has been a fundamental […]

GW Expat: An international red tape experience

BERLIN – I would like to start off by making a confession – the thing I miss the most about GW is the bureaucracy. I know it’s hard to believe, but I miss RPM’s fix-it hotline. I miss GWeb. And I even miss the registrar’s office. After only two weeks in Germany, I have come […]