September 13, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 8

Stories from the September 13, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

UPD arrests suspect for residence hall thefts

A five-day long crime wave in Ivory Tower and New Hall ended Wednesday afternoon when the University Police Department apprehended a juvenile male in the Medical Faculty Associates building on Pennsylvania Avenue. UPD stepped up its investigation Wednesday afternoon to catch the alleged thief, who they identified from residence hall security cameras and eyewitness accounts. […]

Letters to the Editor

Questioning war doesn’t mean questioning troops I read Frank Broomell’s opinion piece (Sept. 9, pg. 4) with some confusion. Retain respect for the troops? I didn’t even think there was an issue in this department. The American public at large has been incredibly supportive of our soldiers in Iraq even as support for the increasingly […]

Bike robberies up near campus

When senior Corey Brekher returned home Saturday evening from Fall Fest, what he found – or rather, what he did not find – enraged him. Brekher and his roommate Steve Perkins, who graduated from GW last year, saw that someone had stolen three of the four bicycles in their garage, including Brekher’s mountain bike and […]

SA refocuses on advocacy

Omar Woodard had several small initiatives. Audai Shakour had Colonial Coach. Lamar Thorpe had condoms. Former SA Presidents focused on supporting costly intiatives to accomplish their goals, but today’s SA executives emphasize lobbying and advocating on behalf of students. SA President Nicole Capp, along with Executive Vice President Brand Kroeger, successfully lobbied for the return […]

September 11: Marching Memory

Media Credit: Ryder Haske/assistant photo editor A member of GW’s Naval Reserve Officer Training Core marches through University Yard as part of a vigil commemorating the sixth anniversary of Sept 11.

SA Note: Fowler declines comment on resignation from the SA

Student Association Sen. Richard Fowler (U-At Large) rushed out of Post Hall Monday night, refusing to answer questions about rumors of his resignation and stagnated meetings. The Finance Committee held its first meeting Monday night, only hours before the SA assembled at the Mount Vernon Campus. Over the summer, the committee held a teleconference, in […]

The legacy of a dorm room

The bench in front of Schenley Hall may be vacant of its most famous resident, but Old Man Schenley’s room is now occupied by two GW sophomores. Eddie Bieber, known to many students as Old Man Schenley, passed away this summer and, in less than three months, the University quickly renovated his room and assigned […]

Organization tries to help homeless

The Student Association approved the allocation of $6,000 for T-shirts, buttons, banners and other material to promote a local homelessness campaign after a legislative battle that lasted more than an hour at the body’s first meeting Monday night at the Mount Vernon Campus. GW FEED an organization chaired by SA Sen. O.G. Oyiborhoro (CCAS-U), had […]

Seller bilked University yearbook

The former salesman of GW’s yearbook pleaded guilty to mail fraud after bilking several organizations – including GW – out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Joseph Wenzl, who worked for the Dallas-based company Taylor Publishing, was indicted in May 2006 on 15 counts, according to papers filed in a Maryland District Court several weeks […]

Running to save a life

Sophomore David Fowler enjoyed swimming, skiing and playing Scrabble with his younger brother, but during their childhood, Fowler’s brother began to develop communication problems and extreme forgetfulness. His brother’s condition worsened and he was soon diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a potentially serious genetic disorder that causes physical and intellectual abnormalities in one in […]