September 10, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 7

Stories from the September 10, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Frank Broomell: Retain respect for troops

As we have watched the war in Iraq evolve these past several years, a lot of parallels have been drawn to the Vietnam War. Even President George W. Bush recently made a comparison in arguing why it is important that we do not pull out of Iraq. Nevertheless, despite any similarities so far there has […]

Student note-takers available for hire

If you are worried about failing that Friday 8 a.m. multi-variable calculus class you registered for mistakenly, calm down. A sophomore student is offering help – for a price. Cory Cohen is enlisting the efforts of other students to create a note-taking service that would provide class notes to students for about $5 a class. […]

Letters to the Editor

Good luck to Knapp in community relations As a long time involved Foggy Bottom resident, I could not agree more with Robert Lee’s article (September 6, pg. A1) about the positive steps taken by President Knapp toward the Foggy Bottom community. It is a “new ballgame,” as this man, very different from his predecessor, takes […]

Snapshot: Singing Sanjaya

Media Credit: Ben Solomon/senior photo editor Sanjaya Malakar performs Sunday night at the Verizon Center during the American Idols Live Tour. Sanjaya performed with American Idols finalists including Jordin Sparks.

Quandt lectures on Middle East

GW Welling Visiting Professor and noted expert on the Middle East William Quandt discussed his skepticism about peace between Israelis and Palestinians at the Elliott School Thursday evening. “I’m never going to say (peace) is impossible,” he said. “But I don’t think the recent up-tick in optimism is going to prove warranted.” Quandt referenced optimism […]

Vern residence halls go wireless

Nearly all students living on the Mount Vernon Campus can now access the Internet wirelessly in their residence halls. Every residence hall on the Mount Vernon campus, except Pelham Hall, now has wireless Internet connection capabilities throughout the building, said Robert Snyder, director of Mount Vernon Campus life and marketing. “I think it gives residents […]

Former student elected chairman of local ANC

Future politicos and government junkies at GW may dream of someday living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but for one recent grad, public office couldn’t come soon enough. L. Asher Corson, class of 2007, was elected in late May as chairman of the Foggy Bottom and West End Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the highest position within the […]

Group fitness classes buff up

If you happened to stroll through University Yard last week, you might have stumbled upon four athletic-looking guys jumping around on the grass, muscling their way through sets of push-ups and balancing on inflatable blue spheres. The demo might have looked like it belonged to the ROTC Navy, but then again, there is nothing quite […]

Kalb named a Welling fellow

GW added another distinguished scholar to its list of James Clark Welling presidential fellows – Marvin Kalb, former award-winning television correspondent and host of the Kalb Report. The University appointed Kalb as its first Welling presidential fellow of the academic year in early August. Since 1994, Kalb has hosted 56 public affairs forums at the […]

GW anthro students monkey around

Gordon, who was rescued after being stoned at a squatter camp in South Africa, was recently released back into the wild. Jason, also known as “little peanut,” has recovered from a much needed arm amputation and Blue has found a father figure in Stephen. Gordon, Jason, Blue and Stephen are just a few of the […]