August 30, 2007

Volume 104, Issue 4

Stories from the August 30, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Bar Belle: D.C. Hashing

Chances are if you looked at the title of this article and read on, you enjoy the pursuit of fun just like your new Bar Belle. Mine just so happens to be mostly alcohol induced. But don’t judge, you would think I was a lot more comical with four beers in you, too. I have […]

Gay chorus finds home in Gelman

Nearly 20 years ago, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington had trouble finding venues that would book their performances. They were even prohibited from performing at Lisner Auditorium. Now Lisner is one of the most frequent venues for the chorus and this August Gelman Library began archiving the chorus’ historic and culturally significant materials. “This […]

What’s on our iPod: Talib Kweli – Ear Drum

On his third major release, Brooklyn, N.Y., native Talib Kweli has reached a new plateau of beautiful hip-hop. While most rap albums these days only have two or three good songs (if that) on them, “Ear Drum” doesn’t contain a single track worth skipping over, due in part from the all-star production team that includes […]

Under the covers: “Vibrating your way to liberation”

We’ve got a secret surprise hiding under our covers this year. The Hatchet will bring you two anonymous columnists-a guy and a girl-to report on sex at GW. This week features female Delilah, but stay tuned for our mysterious male. Editor’s note: names have been changed to protect the naughty. I have my favorites. There’s […]

Storm clears but GW volunteers don’t

The seven blocks that span from Michoud Boulevard down to Alcee Fortier Road along Chef Menteur Highway make up a community that looks as if someone swooped up a village in Northern Vietnam and then planted in New Orleans. Christina Wadhwani, a 21-year-old senior at GW, first stepped onto these seven blocks in March of […]

What’s the deal with… … Metro changes?

Some believe it resembles the Bat Cave, while others just find it to be remarkably clean and efficient. Everyone’s impression of the D.C. Metro is different, but clearly there is something about the system that puts it above the rest. But now, the Metro is undergoing some changes that may alter its positive, unique image, […]

No jitters for these freshmen

Freshman Serena Wong knows exactly which professor she’ll take for biology: Professor Hartmut Dobel. Not because of and not because of recommendations from older students. Wong knows which biology professor is best for her because she has already had him as a teacher at GW for introduction to biology. Wong, a recent graduate of […]

Staff Editorial: SA successes must not stop after achievements

Even as the school year is just beginning, the Student Association can already claim success in accomplishing major initiatives promised by President Nicole Capp and Executive Vice President Brand Kroeger. This success is commendable, especially given the SA’s recent track record of inaction, but the governing body should not shy away from tackling new issues […]

Diana Kugel: Welcome back to a new GW

Towards the end of August, after a long summer crammed with everything from internships to pool parties, students are eager to return to GW. The city has a kind of indescribable appeal in the fall, as the air gets that crispness that only September can bring, and students begin milling around campus once again. Yet […]

Brendan Polmer: Can you believe it?

Holy crap, I’m a senior. When did this happen? How did this happen? I don’t get it. Seems like just yesterday I was trying to get into The Exchange with a fake I.D., dancing with some cutie to 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” while holding a pitcher of Bud Light in my left, paper-braceleted hand. […]