April 23, 2007

Volume 103, Issue 57

Stories from the April 23, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Mount Vernon residents get more food options via shuttle

In response to fewer food options available on the Mount Vernon Campus, the University launched a shuttle service this month that brings students to popular shopping areas in the city. This January the University cut hours at Ames Dining Hall, the campus’ main eating venue. In mid-April, GW responded to student concern about access to […]

Virginia Tech shootings spark Nott debate

GW officials came under fire last year after the University removed former student Jordan Nott from housing and barred him from campus after he met with counselors for his depression. About 15 months after Nott filed a lawsuit against GW for what he called unfair treatment of mental patients, Cho Seung-Hui, a student at Virginia […]

About 350 attend annual Senior Prom

For senior citizens in D.C., spring is prom season. About 185 senior citizens and 140 students attended the fifth annual Senior Prom at Marvin Center’s Grand Ballroom Saturday evening. The Neighbors Project, an organization within GW’s Community Service Office tasked with Foggy Bottom outreach, hosted the luau-themed event which included dinner and dancing. This year’s […]

Diana Kugel: Rising above right versus wrong

As a columnist, it is fairly clear that I have few qualms about letting anyone and everyone who picks up a copy of The Hatchet know what I think. It is rather exhilarating to know that through the power of the written word, it is possible to let a good portion of the student body […]

Erin Shea: Holy guacamole! It’s over!

Every year, all the graduating seniors in the editorial office get 30 inches to write whatever they want. Usually, this includes tidbits of wisdom and nostalgia-evoking stories about the first time that person walked into The Hatchet office. My 30 piece is going to be all this and more … so prepare yourself for 6,300 […]

Staff Editorial: Tragedy doesn’t justify poor policies

Within days after tragedy unfolded at Virginia Tech, University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg appeared in the media, discussing implications for mental health in higher education. He also took the opportunity to address GW’s 2004 ejection of Jordan Nott, a student who sought counseling for suicidal thoughts. While the recent shootings have rightfully sparked a debate […]

Brendan Polmer: Blame it on the weather

Over the past week, I seem to have developed a case of “GW-itis.” I’ve got it all: the cough, the sore throat, the stuffy nose, that weak feeling in my joints. This is all in addition to that total lack of motivation to get out of bed for a class that starts after noon. So […]

Aggressive bouncers protect club-goers with heightened security

Diego Arias had already taken out his change, keys and cell phone when he reached the bodyguards outside Fur nightclub for a routine pat-down one weekend night. As he was checked from the neck down, Arias felt the bodyguard grab his back pockets in search of anything dangerous. Instead, the bodyguard found the one thing […]

WEB EXTRA: Combining Two Worlds of Sound

It’s 9:00 o’clock on a Tuesday night as the regular crowd of hipsters, stoners, and musically exploratory individuals shuffle out of the early show at the 9:30 Club. There is a buzz about this crowd- they haven’t been sardine-packed with thousands of sweating and swaying teeny-boppers that habitually plague one of D.C.’s most frequented concert […]

Letters to the Editor

Cite reaction, not tragedy I was completely appalled when I read University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s quote in the article discussing his stepping down from keynote speaker today (“SJT steps down as keynote,” Apr. 19, p. 1). It is ridiculous and offensive to use the tragedy at Virginia Tech as an excuse for his removal […]