April 16, 2007

Volume 103, Issue 55

Stories from the April 16, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Trachtenberg poster defaced with swastika in Madison

A GW student reported last week that Madison Hall posters were vandalized with swastikas drawn on University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s forehead. The posters publicized Trachtenberg’s hall tour, in which he will take the GW trolley to Thurston, New Hall, Ivory Tower and the Mount Vernon Quad. The event recognizes his contributions to residence hall […]

What’s the deal with… biking in D.C.?

Bikers are constantly whizzing by on sidewalks and bike lanes around the District, but what you don’t know is that many cyclists say they don’t feel safe on D.C. streets, and safety statistics are backing up their claim. According to the Washington Transportation Planning Board, about 25 percent of those killed on roads in the […]

WEB EXTRA: E-board sizes vary across student organizations

As the hundreds of student organizations on campus hold elections for next year’s groups’ leaders, students are realizing that the size of the executive board can vary greatly from group to group. Apparently one size does not fit all. Most undergraduates participate in one of GW’s 370 student organizations, according to figures from the Student […]

Honeyford sweetens her attack

Somewhere in the labyrinth below the tennis courts on the Mount Vernon Campus is junior Katelyn Honeyford’s locker. It’s filled with the usual – sweat suits, workout gear and a pair of sneakers. But what distinguishes Honeyford’s locker from the others in the lacrosse squad’s team room is a sign on the inside of the […]

Under the covers: “Mr. Quickie, wanderers and ‘manscaping'”

Nearing the commencement of her fourth year in college, Eve has learned quite a few things about sex. Eve, The Hatchet’s anonymous sex columnist, will share her observations and (sometimes dirty) thoughts about sex at GW with the population that fuels her fire. Editor’s note: names have been changed to protect the naughty. This week’s […]

Painting in prison

Anthony Dye’s abstract art, hanging in a K Street gallery, is unusual albeit unremarkable. He eschews traditional media and instead uses paint made from mustard, coffee creamer and spinach. For a modern piece, such atypical methods aren’t unheard of, but Dye’s situation is different. He has no choice but to be avant garde. That’s because […]

Activists flock to Capitol Hill, advocating carbon emission cuts

More than 1,000 global warming activists gathered on Capitol Hill Saturday afternoon as part of a nationwide effort to support legislation to combat what many are calling an environmental crisis. The crowd assembled themselves into a human postcard telling Congress to cut carbon 80 percent by 2050. Step It Up, an organization created to coordinate […]

WEB EXTRA: Regina Spektor dispels tension

“This is how riots start,” Regina Spektor laughed. This is probably an overstatement of her effect on campus arts dialogue (or not a statement at all- she was actually talking about mic difficulties), but some tension did surround her set. Logistical problems, eg rain, conspired to keep people away from this year’s event, and for […]

Letters to the Editor: GW weighs in on Commencement

Will not attend It is extremely disappointing to hear that University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg is this year’s Commencement speaker. Although I have the utmost respect for him, the University made a huge mistake in choosing him to give the keynote speech. The problem with this decision is that Trachtenberg has a speaking role in […]

WEB EXTRA: Faculty Senate discusses research funding

A Faculty Senate report presented at Friday’s meeting found that, on average, sponsored research loses GW money. The report states that the University and the Medical Center combined spent $54 million on research, which is not completely recovered in direct financial benefits. But it states that research has non-financial benefits, like attracting better quality students […]