April 9, 2007

Volume 103, Issue 53

Stories from the April 9, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

SJT to do campus tour in GW trolley

Outgoing University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will visit four residence halls April 17 as part of an event administrators are calling the Trachtenberg House Party. A farewell tour for Trachtenberg, the event recognizes his contributions to residence hall life and the GW community. “The idea grew out of the annual Late Night with the President […]

AIDS institute fosters collaboration of resources

When Alan Greenberg was a medical student at GW decades ago, he described Washington as a “powerhouse of expertise” in the study and treatment of HIV/AIDS. But when he returned to Foggy Bottom in 2005 as the department chair of epidemiology and biostatistics in the School of Public Health, he noticed that Washington has a […]

Kaplan rates best sites to take LSAT’s

The quality of LSAT testing sites varies greatly and can impact students’ performance on the test, according to student feedback Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions collected and released last month. “Students should know that while the overall quality of their preparation for the LSAT is the paramount factor in determining their success on the exam, […]

Pelham construction set to begin 2010

Corrections appended. University officials finalized plans last week to expand the Mount Vernon Campus by renovating Pelham Hall and potentially building a full cafeteria. The reconstruction, which is projected to begin in fall 2010, will require a complete demolition of the existing residence hall – to be replaced by a larger building that will house […]

Thank you: eye to eye

Junior Stephanie Robichaux, a double major in journalism and anthropology, is spending the spring semester studying with the Semester at Sea program. A few times this semester she, along with other students spread out across the globe, will share her experiences and observations abroad as one of The Hatchet’s “GW expats.” Earlier in the voyage, […]

Take your dad to college

Traditionally when students leave home for college they get their first taste of freedom. Most see it as a time to escape from the life of mom and dad telling you what to eat or when to do your homework. But what if your dad went to college with you? Would it be an escape […]

What’s the deal with… GW’s Wall of Fame?

As students step off the Marvin Center elevators onto the fifth floor to go bowling, chow down on wings or shoot some pool, they are faced with a wall of caricatures. Above these drawings hangs a sign that reads, “Wall of Fame.” But who are these people, and what does a place on the wall […]

Shutting books for shut-eye

Have you ever studied in Gelman? Then you’ve seen the nappers. They can be found everywhere, but often they’re either on the end corner of the fourth floor or in the middle of the sixth floor. On one chair or two, on their side, their head back, curled in a ball and with coats serving […]

New York Giants look at Elliott

Senior Carl Elliott, a former point guard on the basketball team, will work out for the New York Giants this week, he said. The 6-foot-4, 220-pound point guard said he will meet with Giants officials Monday morning in New York to participate in football workouts. He said he expects to run a 40-yard dash and […]

Student pleads guilty to distribution of marijuana

A freshman who was arrested on charges that he received a package containing marijuana via DHL shipping in January pled guilty Thursday to two criminal counts of possession with intent to distribute. The student, Sriram Prakash, originally told The Hatchet that he was being falsely accused. Prakash would not comment on his plea last week […]