February 20, 2007

Volume 103, Issue 42

Stories from the February 20, 2007 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Faculty Senate rejects four-by-four proposal

The Faculty Senate rejected the University’s plan to adopt a four-by-four credit structure two months before their vote was scheduled to take place. At Friday’s meeting in the Marvin Center, the body passed a resolution recommending that the schools should not switch at this time from the three-credit, five-class system to the four-class, four-credit plan […]

Graduating with honors may not help in job market

Though they consider collegiate honors distinctions, some graduate schools and employers agree graduating with “honors” is not the most important factor when selecting students and new hires. Laura Morsch, a career adviser at the Web site CareerBuilder.com, said honors distinctions do not necessarily matter to employers. “It really depends on the employer. Graduating with honors […]

SA presidential, EVP candidates debate each other on campus issues

Two years after the fiery discourse of CNN’s “Crossfire” left campus, political debate returned to the Media and Public Affairs Building last week. Ten candidates running for Student Association president and executive vice president faced questions in the Jack Morton Auditorium Thursday night before a crowd of about 150 students. The five presidential candidates and […]

Viewing the Darfur conflict through another lens

While his parents and siblings were unwrapping Christmas presents halfway across the world, sophomore Jason Mojica woke up to the cry of gunshots ringing out across Ab?ch?, Chad. Minutes later, members of the Sudanese Liberation Movement rebel group, armed with 50-caliber machine guns, arrived at his ramshackle motel room in a pick-up truck caked in […]

Repeated false fire alarms plague Mitchell Alarm

University Police officers posted public safety advisories in Mitchell Hall this week after residents experienced six false fire alarms in one week, often in the middle of the night. UPD Captain Frank Demes said that at least five of the false alarms in Mitchell were malicious. Officials also held a mandatory meeting for Mitchell Hall […]

Students fight cold, each other for poster space

While most of the campus was sleeping early Friday morning, a contingent of die-hard Student Association want-to-be members was wide awake. Dozens of students gathered in Kogan Plaza and at the stroke of 7 a.m., a mad scramble began across H Street in an effort to grab prime real estate on the Marvin Center’s exterior […]

Exotic engineer

By day, junior Sabrina Patel can be found in the library studying linear programming, network models and queuing theory for her systems analysis major in the engineering school. But by night, her work gets much more scandalous. Patel, often clad in barely-there lingerie, a bikini or S&M apparel, has spent the past year flaunting and […]

With his parents in the crowd, Damian Hollis has a career game

Karl Hobbs should have his players’ families come to games more often. In front of his parents, freshman Damian Hollis scored a career-high 15 points on six- -of-seven shooting Saturday against Temple at Smith Center. College basketball games are not unfamiliar to Essie Hollis, Damian’s father. Essie played at Atlantic 10 rival St. Bonaventure during […]

SA Candidate Profiles

Huerta, Rotella: SA outsider and insider join forces Michael Ray Huerta for President Student Association presidential candidate junior Michael Ray Huerta said he is an “SA outsider,” but he’s not ashamed of it. “Look at the people who are running for president who have been involved (in the SA), what have they done for you?” […]