November 30, 2006

Volume 103, Issue 28

Stories from the November 30, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

WEB EXTRA: Free: Out of Contact Limbo, Deadsy to Bring the Noise to 930 Club

It seems that whenever the California-based band Deadsy hits the studio, complications ensue. In 1997, the band’s first release was placed on the back burner while the record company changed ownership. In 2002, after a second and third struggle, the debut album “Commencement” was released. The road to a sophomore follow-up also contained its share […]

Not your typical dose of holiday cheer

The Christmas season has arrived, and so has the Studio Theatre’s newest holiday offering, “The Long Christmas Ride Home” by Paula Vogel. However, Vogel’s play is far from your typical feel-good Christmas story. “The Long Christmas Ride Home” centers around a dysfunctional family trying desperately to keep up the fa?ade of a happy family on […]

SPJ hosts international journalists to discuss news

International news reporters examined the changes in journalism and the importance of international news in an increasingly globalized world at a panel discussion Tuesday. The event, hosted by the Society of Professional Journalists, was held in the Alumni House and had a small audience of about a dozen. The panelists, Jamie McIntyre, Chuck Holmes and […]

WEB EXTRA: Rise of Taj soundtrack

I haven’t seen the movie, but the soundtrack to The Rise of Taj made it onto my iPod. Though a lot of it consists of nasal whining into your ear about rejection, it is surprisingly entertaining and it will fit quick snugly into a college movie. “Get Steady” by Jonny Lives is the first track […]

No. 20/21 GW ties second-best start with win

In the second round of the 2003 NCAA Tournament, the Villanova women’s basketball team defeated GW en route to an Elite Eight showing. That game, Colonials head coach Joe McKeown said, still sticks in his mind. Wednesday night, McKeown showed the Wildcats that his squad could be the team going deep into March with a […]

Taj rises up for students

Still waiting to get high with Harold and Kumar again? Well, you’re going to have to wait a little longer. But this Friday, Kumar, a.k.a. Kal Penn, returns to his roots as Taj Mahal Badalandabad in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj.” Taj enters Camford University hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps […]

Juliet Moser: Our campus culture, or lack thereof

GW students have an odd habit of popping up all over D.C. From Congressional offices to the hippest clubs, we help to keep this sometimes-stodgy town vibrant and fresh. If the District’s tantalizing cultural institutions aren’t enough to draw students into the city, GW helps students to engage the city through adjunct professors who also […]

Peaches For Thanksgiving

Walking up to the 9:30 Club on Sunday night, I was a little concerned. My assignment was to do a live show review of Peaches and the Herms with supporting act Quintron and Miss Pussycat. Peaches shows are notorious for pushing sexual boundaries, being flamboyant, featuring nudity and for often having giant penises on stage. […]

WEB EXTRA: Aiden Bemoans Lack of Mosh Pits, Silverstein Creates Them

Why do Egyptian Plover birds perch on the bodies of crocodiles? More intriguing is the question of why the crocodiles endure the birds’ presence. The answer is a matter of symbiosis – the croc relies on the plover to get rid of harmful parasites, and the bird depends on the crocodile for food. Similarly, musicians […]

The Bar Belle: The Madhatter Bar and Restaurant

The Madhatter Bar and Restaurant 1831 M St., N.W. Last Friday night, my friends and I experienced the inevitable decline of an evening that begins with an utterly depressing and ultimately incomprehensible Darren Aronofsky film. How, we asked ourselves, were we to shake the image of a completely shaven, space-pod-encapsuled, and hysterically crying Hugh Jackman […]