November 2, 2006

Volume 103, Issue 22

Stories from the November 2, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Thorpe nominates law student to court

Second-year law student Michael Gore will be one of Student Association President Lamar Thorpe’s nominees for the two empty seats on the SA Student Court, Thorpe told The Hatchet Tuesday night. Thorpe, a senior, said that he plans to make his decision on the other nominee for the court within the next few days. Thorpe […]

Andrew Siddons: Encourage seniors to give for the future

Every year, the departing senior class presents a gift to the University – a legacy by which the class will be remembered as long as GW still stands. Some past gifts have included familiar landmarks around campus, but in recent years, the gifts have been financial. After a bumpy start – I shouldn’t have to […]

WEB EXTRA: “Prestige” is a neat trick

“The Prestige” begins with a magic trick. Cutter (Michael Caine) explains the mechanics of magic to a young girl. First there’s the pledge, when the magician presents an ordinary object – in this case a bird in a cage. Then there’s the turn – when the cage disappears. But people don’t applaud, he explains, until […]

Israeli, Arab American comedians poke fun at Middle East

The political comedy group “Stand Up For Peace” cracked jokes in the Marvin Center Tuesday night about a topic that might seem pretty difficult to laugh at – the Middle East conflict. The comedy group, which includes two actors, Scott Blakeman and Dean Obeidallah, drew an audience of about 200 people. Blakeman and Obeidallah began […]

Letters to the Editor

No question on co-ed housing I read the news article in The Hatchet about GW’s ban on co-ed housing (“Females forced out of co-ed suite,” Oct. 26, p. 1) with amusement – amusement that co-ed housing is still an issue in this day and age. I am a faculty member who will be 50 in […]

WEB EXTRA: Nationals rock black cat – but no dancing

Rock shows aren’t the place for intimacy. That’s why we have singer-songwriting, the blues, really any other number of genres to fill that need. But if you want to just watch a band, find something else. Rock deserves dancing, clapping, head-banging, even just nodding. See, rock bands are measured by their ability to shake the […]

Student fundraising for Gallaudet ends

Student efforts to raise money in support of protesters at Gallaudet University halted Sunday when the school’s board of trustees voted to rescind the appointment of incoming president Jane Fernandes. The board’s move was in response to protests by students, faculty, alumni and others that rocked Gallaudet, the nation’s premier deaf university, this past month. […]

The Decemberists style stays the same

As the lights dimmed, the crowd inside the 9:30 Club waited expectantly for the Decemberists to come on stage. Instead, a narrator’s voice boomed throughout the club, encouraging patrons to picture themselves on a rocky precipice, and praising the construct of the building, reminding everyone that it was built by a team of “nubile eunuchs.” […]

WEB EXTRA: Student group coordinates international service projects

The national organization Student Movement for Real Change now has a GW chapter that is trying to connect students across the globe. One of GW’s newest student organizations, the group helps coordinate international service projects and raise awareness about global issues. “The Student Movement is committed to engaging student leaders on issues that don’t receive […]

WEB EXTRA: Trick-or-treaters descend on Embassy Row

Hundreds of trick-or-treaters swarmed Embassy Row Tuesday collecting candy and treats from the world’s diplomatic institutions. About 150 college students made up the majority of trick-or-treaters. Witches, bumblebees, fairies, spidermen and flappers filed in and out of embassies including those of Latvia, Greece, Kenya, Korea and Guatemala. Sophomore Liz Hassel, who was dressed as a […]