October 16, 2006

Volume 103, Issue 17

Stories from the October 16, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

GW Briefs

Brady Gallery showcases recent acquisitions The Luther W. Brady Art Gallery is showing off its most recent acquisitions in an exhibit this month. The exhibit, which began earlier this month, showcases 15 of the gallery’s most recent additions to the gallery that has been a part of the university since 2001. Exhibits include works from […]

Don’t let technology turn the tables on us

Take a look at any college brochure cover and you will undoubtedly see countless pictures of a group of students laughing together as they cross a grassy quad, or chatting happily as they sit on the marble steps of an ivy-covered building. Sounds nice, right? However, if you stop to really look around, you’ll find […]

Campus co-ops gain in popularity

Cooperative housing, where students live together, pool their resources and share responsibility for cooking and cleaning, is growing in popularity on campuses across the nation. Jim Jones, director of asset management for North American Students of Cooperation, credits the resurgence to an increased interest among students in building community relationships. Large residence halls can make […]

Staff Editorial: Increase TV content from the classroom

After a month of blank screens, the GWTV news channel recently began broadcasting “The Source,” a news program created by a School of Media and Public Affairs class. The GWTV student organization’s members have blamed the sparse programming on inadequate University support and poor interest. A student-run television channel is a valuable resource that should […]

Weekly check up; Gay body image

“Why do all the hot guys have to be gay?” We’ve probably all heard the stereotype and these types of conversations. Some experts believe the answer to this question partially has to do with heightened awareness about body image among gay men. Trey Watkins, a graduate assistant who deals with men’s issues at Student Health […]

Gallaudet U. protests shutter school for deaf

The protest is large and the message loud, but the scene silent. The students of Gallaudet University, the nation’s only liberal arts university for the deaf and hard of hearing, did not wake up to go to class Monday morning. Instead, they roused themselves to a fifth day of shutting down the campus in protest […]

Brendan Polmer: Do I scream American?

While living here this fall, I have come to realize that there’s really no place like home. As much as I try to blend into the British culture over here, there will always be a part of me that wants to sing the “Team America: World Police” theme song (America! F*** yeah!) while riding the […]

Rwandan genocide survivor illustrates tragedy

When Rupert Bazambanza woke up in Rwanda the morning he said genocide started in 1994, people were already dead. No one knew what was going on, and most people did not even know what genocide was. “Overnight, our friends and neighbors became our enemy and wanted to kill us,” he said. After it was all […]

Sex column: Sextracurricular activities

At the onset of her fourth year in college, Eve has learned quite a few things about sex. Eve, The Hatchet’s anonymous sex columnist, will share her observations and (sometimes dirty) thoughts about sex at GW with the population that fuels her fire. Editor’s note: names have been changed to protect the naughty. Just to […]

GW freshman in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s bachelor-of-the-year contest

Cosmopolitan Magazine will decide Tuesday between a GW freshman and 49 other finalists for their first-ever “Bachelor of the Year” award. Featured in Cosmopolitan’s “Man Hunt 2006” section in November’s issue, freshman Cory McCrummen represents South Carolina as one of the “hottest, sexiest, single dudes” in the country. The magazine will select the winner from […]