October 2, 2006

Volume 103, Issue 13

Stories from the October 2, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Gabriel Okolski: Let’s take a crack at something funny

I had the unpleasant experience of checking my e-mail two weekends ago only to find a whole host of prank messages from the entire senior class, of which I am reluctantly a member. The incident started when a member of the Senior Class Gift Committee solicited fourth-year students for class gift recommendations, providing mischievous students […]

Kyle Spector: Drink, vomit, hospital

Walking home late one Saturday night, I noticed a large gathering of what appeared to be my fellow classmates, mostly drunk, crowding around an ambulance and the EMeRG suburban. I spotted a friend. “Yo, this girl passed out on the curb, so we called EMeRG,” he informed me. Piecing together the rest of the information […]

Celiac cookbook: Graduate’s recipes help cope with digestion disease

Vanessa Maltin, a 2005 graduate, went 21 years without knowing that she suffered from a disease that prevents her body from properly digesting gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and many commercially prepared foods. Maltin, a journalism major as an undergraduate, said she still remembers University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg’s inspiring words at […]

Hope Ditto: The party hall has gone too far

It’s Sunday night and you’re just coming back from a (insert student organization here) meeting in the Marvin Center. You know that you have about 80 pages of reading to power through, along with a paper to write. You walk into your room to find that your roommate has finished all of her homework and […]

Mets at RFK: rooting for the hometown team

For a blowout game that meant nothing in the standings, Saturday night’s game at RFK Stadium had New York Mets fans in an uproar. Mets fans, some of whom were GW students, came out by the thousands to cheer on their team, which has the best record in baseball, and they had a lot to […]

Diet author visits GW

Dressed in casual jeans and a vintage-style shirt, it was easy to think “The Dorm Room Diet” author Daphne Oz was a college student at her book-signing event last Friday in the GW Bookstore. That’s because she is a college student. In addition to being a published author, Oz is a full-time student in her […]

Jake Sherman: Farewell to a legend

On Saturday night, for perhaps one of the first times in his career, Frank Robinson completely ignored the score. The Washington Nationals’ 13-0 pummeling by the New York Mets seemed to roll off the skipper’s back. No concerns about hitting. No rant about trying to get on a roll to pick up some games in […]

CRs, CDs aid in internship hunt

Senior Annie Kelly is in Minnesota this semester working as assistant campaign manager for Governor Tim Pawlenty’s re-election run. She said she owes her job, and every other internship she has had, to one student organization. “I got this job because I am a College Republican,” Kelly said. “In fact, every political job I have […]

A view of dorm life

Dorm life is one of the most talked-about aspects of college culture. Residence halls have reputations – the party dorm, the honors hall, the artsy house and so on. Since students are fascinated with living arrangements and how their place stacks up against others’, The Hatchet has compiled a comparison of dorm life at GW […]