June 14, 2006

Volume 103, Issue 3

Stories from the June 14, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

The year in review: highlights and headlines

September Katrina refugees come to campus Following Hurricane Katrina, GW announced that displaced students from the region could enroll in courses at GW. Eighty-two undergraduate and graduate students accepted the offer. Due to space constraints, the students were not offered University housing. Smoking banned in residence halls In September, the University banned smoking in all […]

WEB UPDATE: Pinnock emotional, ready for his future

With no less than his future on the line, former GW guard Danilo (J.R.) Pinnock sat in front a television screen in his hometown of McDonough, Ga., with his family and agent and watched the NBA Draft Wednesday night. All the work, traveling, ups and downs of the month since he announced that he was […]

Staff Editorial :Issues overview

The hectic buildup to college life can often result in an exclusive focus on housing selection, class registration and other short-term issues concerning incoming freshmen. Students and parents should be aware, however, of several larger issues affecting GW. Concerns over student services: Ongoing student complaints over poor delivery of non-academic services became readily apparent several […]

CI Guide: Separating truth from myth

As freshmen arrive at GW, many will hear some outrageous pieces of information about GW. And let’s face it – freshmen are the easiest targets for falling victim to misinformation. This truth-finding, myth-cracking guide will guard freshmen against being too gullible. GW is the most expensive school in the country Myth: Well, not quite. GW […]

WEB UPDATE: “Reliable Sources” to begin taping at GW

Updated Wednesday, July 19, 1:35 p.m. CNN’s “Reliable Sources” is set to film in the Jack Morton Auditorium once a month, the University and CNN confirmed this week. Last Friday, CNN canceled “On the Story,” which had filmed in the Jack Morton Auditorium since last July. After the show cancellation, Vice President of Communications Michael […]

CI Guide: GW dictionary: learn how to talk the talk

Start learning now – students use a GW vocabulary. Here are some common phrases you may hear on campus. From PB to SJT and FixIt to SizzEx, it takes some learning in order to talk the talk. Here is the newest version of The Hatchet’s GW dictionary. 4-RIDE A late-night University-run vehicle escort service that […]

WEB UPDATE: Sorority members conceal Facebook profiles for recruitment

Posted Tuesday, July 25, 8: 51 p.m. Members of sororities are being required to conceal personal information on the social networking database Facebook during the recruitment process. The Panhellenic Association, which oversees eight sororities on campus, is requiring all members of a sorority to set their Facebook profiles so that visitors to the site can […]

Juliet Moser: Advice for the ‘youngins’

Hi, class of 2010. My name is Juliet. I could tell you my major, my school or my hometown, but you’ve probably heard enough of these introductions at Colonial Inauguration. Besides, if you were really interested, you could just stalk me on Facebook (tip from an all-knowing senior). I’ve been asked by the wise folks […]

CI Guide: A look at student life

These 10 student organizations represent some of the biggest and best of student life at GW. Some of these organizations have been nationally recognized, others have won awards from GW, others boast some of the largest memberships and others are visible because they just plain make a scene on campus. While there are more than […]