May 4, 2006

Volume 102, Issue 62

Stories from the May 4, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Student leaders pleased with newest J Street renovations

The changes Sodexho plans to make to campus dining sound familiar to some students. This year’s chair of the Student Association’s Dining Services Commission, junior Tim Saccoccia, worked closely with the University and Aramark in attempts to bring some of the same food service options to campus that Sodexho now intends to include in its […]

U.S. colleges urge help for uninsured

College students, faculty and administrators are working to increase the number adults covered by health insurance for Cover the Uninsured Week. The week spans May 1 through May 7 as a part of “the largest nonpartisan effort in history” to raise awareness about the nation’s uninsured, according to the Cover the Uninsured Week press release. […]

The Bar Belle: A farewell toast from the rooftop

The roofs have opened again. At numerous bars and apartment complexes around the city, we can be found outside relishing the cool wind blowing through our hair and listening to the sound of fire engines far below on the street – all while holding cold beers in our hands. We are the content residents of […]

MLB picks former GW trustee for Nationals’ ownership

Major League Baseball selected the group headed by Theodore Lerner, a GW Law alumnus and former member of the Board of Trustees, to be the new owner of the Washington Nationals Wednesday. Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced the decision in a telephone press conference Wednesday afternoon. The announcement came after more than a […]

When TV news ‘goes commercial’

The news anchors for KOKH-25 in Oklahoma City introduced a report on Internet identity theft last November like they would any other segment during the station’s nightly broadcast. They told viewers that Jim Lawrence had a story about “phishing,” a scam aimed at getting financial information from internet users through e-mail. The segment, narrated by […]

$5 – $10 – $20: An entertainment guide for the cash-strapped college student

If you have $5 Emocappella, GW’s favorite whiny-punk-rock-imitating a cappella group is back with a new CD, “Is it in yet?” Head over to the Betts Theater in the Marvin Center at 6 p.m. today for the group’s CD release party, where they’ll perform a free concert featuring all your favorites, like Tenacious D’s “Fuck […]

Justin Zorn: The case for Sudan divestment

In April 17th’s edition of The Hatchet, Executive Vice President and Treasurer Lou Katz responded to pressures to divest from countries with economic ties to Sudan with a reasonable question: “Where do you draw the line?” More than 900 student petitioners and a growing list of student organizations have a reasonable answer to this question: […]

Officials, activists finding the unfed in the nation’s capital

Child hunger in the United States is not like it is in poor countries. Instead of the familiar television images of extended bellies and painfully frail arms, child hunger “very often means under-nutrition and very often it can coexist with obesity,” said Kimberly Perry, director of D.C. Hunger Solutions. While child hunger in Washington, D.C. […]

WEB EXTRA: The Strokes lacks luster in recent D.C. concert

It may be somewhat difficult to believe now, but at one point, The Strokes were considered rock music’s saviors. It’s a fact that has become even more unfathomable now. New York City’s most admired and privileged sons appeared to have reached a plateau after the release of their highly-anticipated second album in 2003, “Room on […]

Phish bait: Umphrey’s McGee to play 9:30 Club

People often say that if King Crimson and Frank Zappa had a baby, it would be Umphrey’s McGee. Umphrey’s bass player, Ryan Stasik, disagrees. “If Patrick Swayze and David Hasselhoff had a baby, we might be their offspring,” Stasik said. It’s that sense of humor that has helped fuel Umphrey’s McGee’s ascent from being a […]