April 24, 2006

Volume 102, Issue 59

Stories from the April 24, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Michael Barnett: All’s not lost at GW’s computer labs

The Gelman Library basement’s computer lab is more or less silent, save for the relentless hum of its Dells and the back-and-forth chatter among the building’s relentless socialites. But every so often, its tranquility is pierced by someone who’s freaking out because he didn’t realize that files cannot be permanently saved to a library computer. […]

Kevan Duve: 4×4: Radical or conservative

A Faculty Senate four-by-four task force report recently labeled the new curriculum proposal “a solution looking for a problem.” Funny, since as a student, the problem has been obvious to me since I first cracked open the GW Bulletin. Four-by-four is a solution to the problem of curricular incoherence and excess. The real reason four-by-four […]

GW inches closer toward Potomac boathouses

GW expects to get plans for the construction of its own boathouse along the Potomac River underway as soon as Georgetown University’s boathouse plans are cleared through the National Park Service. But that may not happen anytime soon. GW acquired two townhouses on the Georgetown waterfront between 35th and 36th streets in 2003 and plans […]

GW to post signs asking smokers to back off from buildings

GW officials announced Friday afternoon that they will put up signs outside of University buildings directing people not to smoke near the entrances, conceding to demands in a petition signed by more than 500 students and faculty members that were originally rejected earlier this month. The University’s decision comes two weeks after GW law professor […]


Monday International development studies program: Capstone Projects 2006 presentations Join these graduate students as they examine international policies from around the globe. 2 to 7:30 p.m. 1957 E Street, Lindner Family Commons Sponsored by the international development studies program Tuesday Chalk-In Leave your mark at the 26th annual Chalk-In. Noon to 2 p.m. 22nd and […]

University’s FY 2007 budget may call for cuts to academics

Administrators are mulling a budget for the next fiscal year that would call for cuts in academic affairs expenses. In the next two weeks, the University will announce final plans to bridge an $8.2 million gap between revenue and expenses for the next University budget, which goes into effect in July, said Louis Katz, executive […]

GW Briefs

SEAS students win awards Two students in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Izaak Beekman and Nathan Green, recently received Goldwater and Fulbright scholarships, respectively. Beekman, a junior studying mechanical engineering, has been awarded a Goldwater Scholarship, which promotes excellence in science and mathematics. This year, 323 scholarships were awarded from a pool of […]

Seniors develop GW web portal cheaper, better, quicker than SA’s

A year waiting for a campaign-promised online trading Web site was too long for five seniors. So in less than a month’s time and without spending $11,000 of student funds, they created their own exchange site. Last April, when senior Audai Shakour was elected Student Association president, he promised a versatile online trading portal where […]


The article “Report criticizes 4×4 proposal” (April 17, p.1) quoted Faculty Senate four-by-force task force representative Robert Dunn as saying four-by-four is a “solution looking for a problem.” Dunn did not say this; the quote was taken from a Faculty Senate report on four-by-four.

Minorities within a minority

By his own account, graduate student and alumnus Paul Kendrick is about as stereotypically white as they come. With blue eyes, pointy bangs and an unmistakably pale complexion, he isn’t one you’d expect would be intimate with the black experience. But since coming to GW almost five years ago, Kendrick has been one of the […]