April 13, 2006

Volume 102, Issue 56

Stories from the April 13, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Greek Briefs

New sorority develops GW’s newest sorority, Pi Beta Phi, is continuing its development in anticipation of becoming the campus’ ninth sorority next fall. Dean Harwood, GW’s director of Greek life, said the sorority’s progress is going smoothly and that the national organization will be selecting a chapter adviser in D.C. to oversee the organization’s colonization […]

Thurston no safer a year after fire

More than a year after a two-alarm fire severely burned a GW student on Thurston Hall’s ninth floor, administrators said that despite initiatives to improve safety in residence halls, Thurston Hall is still no safer than it was a year ago. At about 5 a.m. on the morning of March 22, 2005, then-freshman Kevin McLaughlin […]


The article “Rained out, but not beaten” (April 10, p. 7) erroneously stated that rapper Talib Kweli dubbed sophomore Mark Prysler “The Great White Mark.” Prysler, not Kweli, conceived the nickname. (Don’t laugh. This is an actual correction.) An April 10 headline stated that the biophysics department is applying for a $2 million grant to […]

Brendan Polmer: Happy 21st birthday, you drunken idiot

I’m usually not a belligerent drunk, but Monday night was my 21st birthday, so I’d like to think that I earned it. The fact is, after hearing about some of my escapades from friends who were able to remember the event, I’m astonished that I wasn’t arrested. I’m writing this article in class right now. […]

A delicate Balance: ballet group keeps students on their toes

Oliver Truong plugged his iPod headphones into his ears and faced the mirrored wall. He jumped, flexed his calves, lunged his body toward the ceiling and twirled in the air like a figure skater. After repeating the double tours en l’air three times, he took a swig of water and started the song again. His […]

Paul Kendrick: Crashing at the Capitol

The Oscar-winning film “Crash” illustrated how everyday interactions can escalate into conflict due to misunderstandings and resentment rooted in cultural differences. A black congresswoman hitting a U.S. Capitol police officer who stopped her would have fit in perfectly in the fictional movie, had it not happened in real life. I am speaking, of course, of […]

Jake Sherman: A-10, Colonials wonder what comes next

They all sat at round tables, players by their sides, media guides in tow. At the Atlantic 10’s media day in Philadelphia, before the start of the 2005-2006 season, coaches were showcased and available to the media that would be casting the critical eye all year. Travis Ford sat timidly at a round-clothed table in […]

Comedy reunion for Recess

GW, like most big universities, has famous alumni – politicians, diplomats, journalists and, lately, basketball players. But standup comedians? Recess, GW’s standup comedy troupe, has proven to be a launching point for many aspiring comedians. Former member TJ Williams has become an established comedian, and has appeared on Comedy Central – and in an oatmeal […]

Baseball falls to William and Mary in 13-1 rout

The GW baseball team failed to build on its three-game winning streak Tuesday after sweeping Xavier this past weekend. William and Mary disposed of GW’s win streak and momentum, beating them soundly, 13-1. The game was Tuesday at Barcroft Park in Arlington, Va. William and Mary jumped on GW (11-21) starter sophomore Brian Frazier, scoring […]