April 10, 2006

Volume 102, Issue 55

Stories from the April 10, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

‘Porn studies’ on the rise

More and more college professors are looking at pornography. Some of them are even watching it with their students. But it’s not the latest student-teacher sex scandal – it’s an emerging phenomenon in academia and one that some say has an important future in university curriculums. A growing number of professors are examining the historical, […]

Tim Kaldas: A case for withdrawal

It is widely recognized that the situation in Iraq is highly problematic and the management of the occupation has, up until now, been exceptionally incompetent. Members of both parties have expressed discontent and frustration with the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq. With this broad acceptance that the situation in Iraq is abysmal, it is remarkable […]

With ‘coursecasting,’ professors making lectures portable

For many college students, iPods are an indispensable companion for those long walks in between classes. Yet at some universities, the popular music players are making their way into the classrooms themselves. Faculty at a number colleges are experimenting with various ways to allow students the chance to use their iPods for educational purposes, be […]

Robert Fishman: Unmask extremism

Last week, I forwarded a private e-mail asking students to voice their opposition to a divestment event sponsored by the group Students for Justice in Palestine. Regrettably, that correspondence included an unfortunate characterization of one of the lead activists, Fadi Kiblawi, and has overshadowed the issue. As Kiblawi pointed out, the issue at hand should […]

Foreign applications to U.S. grad schools rebound after two-year decline

The number of international students applying for admission into U.S. postgraduate institutions is on the rise, according to the Council of Graduate Schools. The group’s “International Graduate Admissions Survey” found that the number of international graduate school applicants rose by 11 percent between 2005 and 2006, after applications had dropped by nearly a third over […]

GW Briefs

Two named most promising minority students Two GW seniors are among the country’s most promising minority students, according to the American Advertising Federation. Adette Contreras, a marketing and international business major, was selected as a finalist for the federation’s award; senior Christopher Pitre received an honorable mention from the federation. “I was notified on the […]

Staff Editorial: End SA psudo-parties

Our View: SA slates have hurt student representation in recent years by creating inherent rifts between branches Anyone who has followed the Student Association elections for the past three years would have had a case of d?j? vu last week. During the general election, the Real GW slate overwhelmingly dominated the Senate election, and the […]


The Hatchet’s April 3 edition erroneously reported in the graphic titled “General election winners” (p. 6) that Kenny Brown won a Student Association Senate seat representing the School of Business. The School of Business has two Senate seats, not three, and Brown came in third place in the race. An entry in The Hatchet’s Campus […]

Gabriel Okolski: Seek a better-connected president

Have you ever seen one of the bigwig’s offices over in Rice Hall? If you think that our dorm rooms are palaces, get ready to have your world turned upside-down. Extremely spacious, extravagantly finished and filled with memorabilia of all sorts – this is the type of space that President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has used […]

Sometimes, school comes second

Monday through Friday, junior Lauren Glasser is out of her door by 7:45 a.m., works until 5 p.m., goes to class until 10 p.m. – and then it’s straight to the library. Glasser works for the anti-piracy litigation team of the Recording Industry Association of America. Over the last three years, she has also been […]