February 2, 2006

Volume 102, Issue 38

Stories from the February 2, 2006 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

Erin Dumbacher: Academics abroad should match those at home

As GW students, we pride ourselves on the international environment that is our campus and our city. When The Hatchet reported that nearly 42 percent of the class of 2005 studied abroad during their junior year (“GW Briefs,” Jan. 30, p. 2), launching GW into the national top 10 in percentage of students studying abroad, […]

Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu to get houses as Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Psi are kicked out

The University announced Wednesday that the Pi Kappa Alpha and Sigma Nu fraternities will be receiving University-owned townhouses in the fall, replacing the Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Psi fraternities. The Student Activities Center, which works with other University offices to determine which Greek-letter organizations receive townhouses, said the process is aimed at identifying the […]

Sundance film review: ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

“Little Miss Sunshine” is a comedy, despite its dark beginning. Many black comedies never rise above their sorrowful dregs, offering morally uncertain humor, but “Little Miss Sunshine” does something special by being at once dark and degraded, yet glad and joyful. It is the outrageous story of a family road trip to a beauty pageant, […]

Eric Koester: Calling on all graduate students

GW’s graduate programs produce some of our finest alumni doing leading work in medicine, law, academia, engineering, business and more. In fact, there are more graduate students on campus than undergraduates. Why, then, isn’t there a unified voice for graduate students? Why does virtually every other university have a dedicated organization representing all graduate students […]

Sundance film review: ‘Right at Your Door’

Some movies should only be seen at home, with all the doors locked up and the windows shut tight to keep your worst fears trapped outside. “Right at Your Door” (Thousand Words) is not one of them. Not by a long shot. Essentially, the premise is simple: on an average May day in Los Angeles, […]

Sundance for the masses

See the Sundance Film Festival while you can. Like a mythic beast in its last spasms, the altruistic nature of the event is being suffocated by the influx of Hollywood and its beautiful ilk. But it still lives on, it’s still a blast, and it’s still accessible to the average movie-lover. The festival grew out […]

The Sundance experience

It was as though Los Angeles had switched ZIP codes and resettled in Park City, Utah. Rather than entertainment’s elite being nestled among the hills of the West Coast, celebrities migrated east and nestled into the snowy valley of a true mountain town. Joining them this year were 11 lucky members of the GW community. […]

Sundance film review: ‘God Grew Tired of Us’

They say we study history so that we don’t repeat mistakes in the future. Often though, situations are too dire to wait to become the material of study in the annals of historical fact, and need to be exposed in the moment. Such is so with Christopher Quinn’s “God Grew Tired of Us,” the winner […]

Sundance film review: ‘Friends with Money’

In a festival replete with films exploring life versus death, money versus death, various forms of death and, of course, young boys exploring their sexual maturity with older women, a witty film about the superficial hysterics that accompany a wealthy lifestyle is a breath of fresh air. Nicole Holofcener’s “Friends With Money” explores the relationship […]