October 24, 2005

Volume 102, Issue 21

Stories from the October 24, 2005 issue of the GW Hatchet. View a PDF version of this issue.

GW has no plans to return hundreds of confiscated items

Though hundreds of items have been confiscated from rooms, and parents and students have complained to the University about this month’s health and safety inspections, GW has no plans of creating an appeals process to reclaim confiscated items deemed dangerous. The inspections, designed to remove potentially dangerous items from student housing, are about halfway complete, […]

Students push for GW to divest from companies that deal with Sudan

A GW group protesting the genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region is calling for the University to divest from any stocks or bonds of companies doing business in the African nation. Student Taking Action Now Darfur is following the lead of Stanford University, asking the GW administration to divest in companies that give money to the […]

Student experiences Ugandan civil war first-hand

When GW senior Jacqueline Burgess arrived in Uganda in February to study abroad, she hoped to focus on improving water sanitization in the developing country. What she didn’t expect was seeing the country’s ongoing civil war, which would change her life forever. “It’s thrown me into a world I’m going to be entering in about […]

Will Dempster: Confessions of a Trachtenberg apologist

College students often have an almost compulsory need to complain about the way their university is managed. The latest example of this phenomenon at GW comes with student ire directed toward the administration’s decision to develop Square 54 – the vacant plot where the former GW Hospital once stood – into a joint retail, commercial […]

Jon Stewart on …

On the 10 Commandments: “The 10 Commandments (posted in a school) keeps kids from shooting other kids just as well as the ‘Employees must wash hands’ sign keeps piss out of my Happy Meal.” On the Boy Scouts banning gay men: “The definition of gay is thousands of young men wearing neckerchiefs, waiting for the […]

It ain’t Long Island: South Dakota style

Forget the first 10 people you met at GW – not everyone is from Long Island. Or New Jersey, for that matter. Or even Pennsylvania. Though many times you may hear students asking one another “Nassau or Suffolk County?” GW really does attract students from interesting locales all over the country and the globe. Meet […]

Recent grad compares colleges in documentary

If guided campus tours don’t always give incoming college students the most complete view of university life, a new series of documentaries could help add a little perspective. A set of five DVDs to be released next week intends to give prospective students an all-access look into life at the country’s 50 most popular universities, […]

Stewart at Colonials Weekend: This time he killed crowds, not a TV show

There was no group that wasn’t at Jon Stewart’s mercy during his Friday night Colonials Weekend performances – Jews and Catholics, Republicans and Democrats, Boy Scouts and Scientologists, GW students and, of course, George W. Bush’s administration. Stewart, an equal-opportunity satirist, mocked them all. But first on his agenda? The decorations at the Smith Center. […]

Demand rising for professional “future scholars”

Abraham Lincoln once said that “the best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.” That may have been true in the 18th century. Yet with an emerging academic discipline geared towards predicting future events, businesses, organizations and governments do not have to consult Miss Cleo to find out […]